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Although the ICAEW Workbooks are very long and contain a huge amount of technical content, in practice, the examiners draw on the same relatively narrow set of topics again and again.

It is therefore absolutely vital that you master this "core" content.

How do we work out what the "core" content is? By looking at the past papers.

We have created our Rapid Revision Notes e-books by using the ICAEW past paper model answers as our sole source of information.

This ensures that all content in our Rapid Revision Notes focuses on content that is actually going to be examined, maximising the benefits of your scarce study time.

Each Rapid Revision Notes e-book is based on a set of 30 past paper model answer files. After taking quite a bit of time to work through the available model answers, we have been able to identify the "core" content which is being tested again and again (often in almost the same way every time!).

Working on your knowledge of this "core" content will ensure that you are always able to build a secure number of marks and have a great chance of passing, regardless of what the examiners decide to do on the day.

It is for this reason that we are happy to offer a full Pass Guarantee on our Rapid Revision Notes. Provided that you purchase the e-book at least 3 weeks before exam day and read all content (and also complete all online videos and questions), we will provide a full refund of the cost of the e-book if you are not successful in your examination in 2022!

During 2021, we only made 1 refund under this policy so the Rapid Revision Notes definitely appear to be working!

We currently provide Rapid Revision Notes e-books for Financial Management and Tax Compliance (2 of the most formulaic of the Professional Level papers) but further books are in development.

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100% relevant content.

Our Rapid Revision Notes have been developed exclusively on the basis of ICAEW past paper model answers so every single word in our Rapid Revision Notes relates to highly examinable content.

By learning this "core" content which is being tested time and time again, you will dramatically increase your chances of passing.

We have also carefully analysed the examiner comments provided in the ICAEW past paper model answers, again looking for patterns so that you understand the "classic" student mistakes to avoid in your own attempts.

Some stats on our Rapid Revision Notes.


We review the 30 most recent ICAEW past paper model answer files to create each Rapid Revision Notes e-book, ensuring that all content in each e-book focuses on content which has actually been examined recently.


We aim for a "75% compression ratio" for our Rapid Revision Notes e-books. What on earth does that mean? It means that we aim to create a Rapid Revision Notes e-book which is 75% shorter than the associated ICAEW Workbook.

Rapid revision Notes

Unlock your potential

Our Rapid Revision Notes provide an ideal way to save time by ensuring that you are only focusing on relevant content which has been examined time and time again.

All our Rapid Revision Notes are part of our Books+ series hosted on our online learning platform, meaning that each e-book is provided with supporting online content, from interactive videos and practice questions to additional notes and links to further reading.

Fully updated for 2022

We have carefully worked through all the syllabus changes for 2022 (as well as the key learning points from model answers to the latest 2021 past papers) to ensure that the latest editions of our Rapid Revision Notes are fully up-to-date.

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Sensible organisation

Rather than relying on the large number of Workbook chapters (yet another cause of "overwhelm" for students), we have created our own granular analysis of topic areas. We then organise all content alphabetically within each topic area, making it much easier for you to "dip in and out" of our content so that you can focus on specific areas in your revision.

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Narrative focus

As an accountancy student, it is only natural for you to focus on (and worry about!) the calculations in your revision. But a surprisingly large number of marks in all Professional Level papers are available for easier, narrative content. So the narrative-only revision notes that we include in our Rapid Revision Notes are a great way of unlocking further marks!

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What our students say.

I received my results for TC and am delighted to tell you that I passed my exam. The TC Rapid Revision Notes helped me a lot.

Yogeshwar S
purchaser of tc rapid revision notes

I got through TC with 61%, my highest Professional Level score to date as I have been struggling and scraping through due to a learning difficulty. A big thank you for all your help and the feedback with the Mock exams. Feeling very pleased not to have to book a resit and quite excited to get on with FM  now!

Clair D

I am eagerly looking forward to starting your BPB on-demand course. Last year I bought 3 RRQBs and those were all excellent.

Iqbal M
purchaser of tc rapid revision question bank

I passed both TC and BPT resits. BPT went from 40% to 63%. BPT is truly an awful exam and I am so pleased to have now passed it with your help. TIS was extremely useful too and I will be using your resources for my next first attempt exams. Thank you very much.

Linda N
BPT and TC TIS student

Would just like to say a massive thank you for all your help over the past 3 years! I really don't think I would be sitting here having passed all three of my finals if it wasn't for your help.

Amy T
TC TIS student

I have long been using your books throughout my ACA studies, and have found them to be invaluable in helping me pass the exams up to now. Many thanks for producing such great quality revision books.

James D
purchaser of tc rapid revision notes