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What our students say.

I'm hoping your Case Study materials do the trick - they usually do! BPT, FM, SBM  & CR! I go to tuition with [XXXXXX] but find the materials you provide to be far superior!

Simon M
purchaser of BPT exam room notes

Thank you so much for writing these Case Study Mocks (particularly during these unprecedented times). I have used your materials for BPT and all my Advanced Level exams and have always found them incredibly helpful!

Alina B
purchaser of cr and sbm exam room notes

I am emailing to say a big thank you to your team. I used your services over the last 2 years (SBM Exam Room Notes, BPT/BST TIS) and attended a Case Study Masterclass. You guys are really knowledgeable and I've really appreciated your help along the way to getting qualified. Will continue to recommend your services to junior associates coming through the ranks.

Adam V
purchaser of sbm exam room notes

I am currently preparing for the 3 Advanced Level papers for the July 2019 sitting and have bought your Exam Room Notes for CR (both books) and SBM. I previously used your BPT Exam Room Notes and similar to that resource, I think they're really great.

Tom S
purchaser of cr exam room notes

I just sat all 3 Advanced exams this week. I purchased every RRQB and Exam Room Notes book you published (my workplace pays for tuition with another  provider). I wanted to say thank you for the high quality materials that you  have put together. I found these extremely useful and hopefully it's resulted  in 3 passes. The books were all very reasonably priced too.

Adam G
purchaser of cr and SBM exam room notes

I have purchased the RRQB and Exam Room Notes for the Corporate Reporting Exam, which are proving very helpful

Lorraine S
purchaser of CR exam room notes