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Tax Compliance. What to do to pass.

TC may not be the horrible beast that is BPT, but it is still a tax paper and therefore not the nicest to revise for. But at least the examiners tell you how many marks are available for each part of the question, unlike in BPT!

In recent years, TC has become a relatively formulaic and stable paper with the examiners always testing the same syllabus area in each question, with a relatively standard number of marks available for each question every time. Make the most of this!

Or let us do it for you ... our Rapid Revision Notes book has been created by working backwards from the recent past papers to identify the core areas that are tested every time. This helps reduce overwhelm because you will focus 100% of your efforts on content that is actually tested, rather than wasting time on irrelevant areas in the Workbook.

As with all the Professional Level ACA papers, it is vital that you use resources that force you to engage actively with the content: simply reading and note-taking is very unlikely to get the content into your brain!

So for TC, we offer our Rapid Revision Question Bank book which offers over a thousand short-form questions to help you learn both the narrative and number content through a self-test format. Actively testing your knowledge through questions is always the best way to deal with the volume of narrative content in this kind of paper.

We can also offer our Technique Improvement Service to review your Mock practice attempts to unlock further valuable marks through improvements in writing style, interpretation of the question and other factors.

Scroll down the page to learn more about our TC offering.

Purchase TC Rapid Revision Question Bank 2024
rapid revision question bank

100% active learning.

Our Rapid Revision Question Banks provide hundreds of short-form questions to help you learn in a 100% active way, maximising the use of your scarce study time.

Some stats on our TC Rapid Revision Question Bank.


Contains over 1,000 short-form questions to promote active learning.


The 2024 edition of our RRQB is the twelfth edition of the book so you will benefit from a wide range of question types which we have developed over the years.


What our students say.

I don't think I could have done it without you guys and was amazed by the mark I got! I don't know how you could see that it was possible but I got 70% which is over and above what I thought I could achieve. So thank you so much for all your help. Hopefully BPT will go the same way!

Ben A
TC TIS student

I got through TC with 61%, my highest Professional Level score to date as I have been struggling and scraping through due to a learning difficulty. A big thank you for all your help and the feedback with the Mock exams. Feeling very pleased not to have to book a resit and quite excited to get on with FM  now!

Clair D

I am eagerly looking forward to starting your BPB on-demand course. Last year I bought 3 RRQBs and those were all excellent.

Iqbal M
purchaser of tc rapid revision question bank

I passed both TC and BPT resits. BPT went from 40% to 63%. BPT is truly an awful exam and I am so pleased to have now passed it with your help. TIS was extremely useful too and I will be using your resources for my next first attempt exams. Thank you very much.

Linda N
BPT and TC TIS student

Would just like to say a massive thank you for all your help over the past 3 years! I really don't think I would be sitting here having passed all three of my finals if it wasn't for your help.

Amy T
TC TIS student

I have long been using your books throughout my ACA studies, and have found them to be invaluable in helping me pass the exams up to now. Many thanks for producing such great quality revision books.

James D
purchaser of tc rapid revision notes