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Rapid Revision Question Banks. Active revision.

You are probably feeling overwhelmed by the length of the ICAEW Workbook. Fair enough, as there is a lot to learn!

We find that learning is most effective when we are actively engaging with the content, testing ourselves and our knowledge, rather than simply trying to memorise content. Somehow, getting things wrong and seeing the right answer can really cement an idea in your mind.

We have therefore created our Rapid Revision Question Banks (RRQBs) for each Professional Level paper (with the exception of BPB and BPI).

Each RRQB contains hundreds of short-form questions, each of which focuses on just a single technical point at a time.

This can be very helpful in avoiding overwhelm. After all, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

By actively engaging with the content through a self-test format, our RRQBs can dramatically improve your knowledge and retention of information.

While you will still have to practise plenty of full exam-standard questions from the ICAEW Question Bank, after using our RRQBs, you will have a much better knowledge base from which to attack full questions, meaning that our RRQBs will also make the rest of your revision time more efficient.

Each question in our RRQBs can be tackled in 2 minutes or less (often much less!), allowing you to repeat the questions many, many times before exam day, helping the knowledge sink in.

Scroll down the page to learn more about our Rapid Revision Question Banks. See our homepage for a complete listing of all our resources, including our Professional Level Rapid Revision Question Banks.

rapid revision question banks

100% active learning.

Our Rapid Revision Question Banks provide hundreds of short-form questions to help you learning in a 100% active way, maximising the use of your scarce study time.

Traditional note-taking takes time and trying to memorise ACA technical content simply by reading is unlikely to be effect. So why not try a more active way of learning?

Each short-form question focuses on a single technical point at a time, allowing you to fully concentrate on properly learning the point behind the question, rather than being overwhelmed by multiple learning points.

Some stats on our Rapid Revision Question Banks.


We provide over 400 syllabus update questions for each of our Professional Level RRQBs to ensure that you are not left behind as the syllabus evolves.


The 2024 editions of our RRQBs are the twelfth editions of the books so you will benefit from a wide range of question types which we have developed over the years.


What our students say.

I have long been using your books throughout my ACA studies, and have found them to be invaluable in helping me pass the exams up to now. Many thanks for  producing such great quality revision books.

James H
purchaser of bpt rapid revision question bank

I'm hoping your Case Study materials do the trick - they usually do! BPT, FM, SBM  & CR! I go to tuition with [XXXXXX] but find the materials you provide to be far superior!

Simon M
purchaser of various rapid revision question banks

The FM RRQB is great. I found that it has really helped me cement the basics and the explanations and tips are clear and easy to understand ... which can't  always be said of the ICAEW Workbook!

Lorraine S
purchaser of fm rapid revision question bank

I’ve recently purchased your RRQB book for the Audit and Assurance examination and found it really useful.

Jan T
purchaser of A&A rapid revision question bank

I had a visit from the local ICAEW training rep yesterday and I told him how useful your resources are.

Jenny L
purchaser of bst rapid revision question bank

You guys are doing a wonderful job in converting these complex and lengthy Workbooks into straightforward and short RRQBs. Thank you!

Iqbal M
purchaser of tc rapid revision question bank