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Here for you. Whenever you need.

We understand that, when it comes to ACA training, flexibility is increasingly key.

It's why we have invested into a bespoke online learning platform which allows you to study at any time, in any location with a decent internet connection.

Our interactive on-demand courses cut out all the unnecessary fuss and fluff and simply tell you, brutally and in plain English, what you need to do to pass your exams.

Accessing the content is straightforward and there is no application form to complete: simply make payment using any major debit or credit card (and yes, American Express is accepted!) and get straight into your studies with instant access to all content.

At the Professional Level, we currently provide on-demand courses for Business Planning: Banking, Business Planning: Taxation and Financial Management - further courses are in development so why not sign up to The Profit Room, our free student learning community, so that you can be notified when further courses have been released?

All our Professional Level on-demand courses are provided with a full money-back Pass Guarantee so provided that you purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and that you complete all course content at least once (preferably more!), we will refund your course fee if you do not pass in 2024.

Scroll down the page to learn more about our on-demand courses.

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on-demand courses

Zoning-out free zone.

We get it ... sitting watching a video course is not always the most fun thing to do. Particularly when it relates to accountancy training.

Joking aside, zoning-out is a major problem with the increased move to online learning so we have invested into a learning platform which allows us to regularly insert interactive questions into our video content. This ensures that, every so often, you actually have to do something, keeping you on your toes and making it clear if you have missed anything.

With a 10-second skip back button and the ability to view our videos at up to 2x speed, plus our use of "bookmarks" to split the videos into chapters, you can move around freely and target your weaker areas with laser-guided accuracy.

And with a full money-back Pass Guarantee, there is no need to worry about your investment into the course because if it doesn't work, you won't have to pay.

Some stats on our on-demand courses.


The pass rate for our BPT Masterclass 2023 on-demand course. Not bad, particularly given that BPT is not exactly easy!


The pass rate for our FM Masterclass 2023 on-demand course. Also not bad, considering that FM has some tricky stuff!

on-demand courses

Repeat. Adapt. Pass.

All ACA papers will have some areas you'll find trickier than others.

That's the beauty of our on-demand courses: you can focus your attention on problem areas with military precision as many times as you need to, and always at a pace that works for you (even if that is rattling through at 2x speed just before exam day to fine-tune your knowledge!).

Pass Guarantee

Some tuition providers claim very high pass rates, but then don't follow through to the next logical step by offering a Pass Guarantee. Not us. So, you can try the innovative approach used in our on-demand courses at no risk because you only pay for success!

Target your weaker areas

By splitting the syllabus down into more manageable chunks, you can target your weaker areas by going straight to the content on topics which are causing you problems. We even include "bookmarks" within our videos so that you can laser-target your time even more effectively onto only the points you want to revise.

Added value

We know what many students assume: on-demand teaching does not provide the same value as live teaching. After all, it's "just" a video, isn't it? While we can see the point, we don't fully agree: having the ability to revisit the content as much as you need (rather than getting just a single "shot" at absorbing the content in a live setting), being able to slow down (or speed up!) the videos and having the option to skip straight to the content that is important to you are great features that we wish we had when having to sit through a lot of unproductive live "teaching" in the past!


What our students say.

Emailing to share that I have successfully passed my Case Study exam, which I couldn't have done without the IMMENSE support and guidance from your team! Enrolling onto the course was such a great investment, which I already knew having  passed my BPT exam using your material as well!

Wadzi P
BPb on-demand course student

I say my BPT exam in June 2021 (third attempt but first with Paradigm Shift) and scored 76. Certainly pleased that I passed with such a margin. Overall, this was my second highest mark in my Professional and Advanced Level exams. For someone who is not a "natural" at tax exams, it was good to demonstrate that I could perform eventually to a good standard.

Nakulan K
BPb on-demand course student

Your study materials have been very helpful and are very well structured.

Mohamad N
BPb on-demand course student

Thank you for your help and assistance. The fact that during this pandemic you are still the go-to tuition provider does tell the rest of us that you have the right business model and a good grasp of SBM in real life!

Chee H
sbm on-demand course student

I have passed Case Study exam with a score of 62 using your Cracking Case on-demand video course! The flexibility of the on-demand nature of the course was perfect for me as I had to also juggle work life and other responsibilities. Your well-narrated (and brutally honest) exam technique videos were invaluable to me, allowing me to maximise points in each question and get a good spread of marks throughout the exam within the timeframe and not writing too much on the easier sections that I would have been tempted  to.

Faris A
CASE study on-demand course student

Good news on the BPB as I got through the exam. I am very chuffed as the September sitting was very hard going with the 6 week summer holidays with my children beforehand and trying to be sociable on the summer weekends! Thank you as  always - cannot believe I am now looking at taking my last professional exam - I wouldn't be this far without your teaching.

Clair D
bpb on-demand course student

I passed CR and SBM. Wanted to once again say a huge thank you for all the help in preparing me for this battle. I felt prepared going into these exams and the insights that you were providing proved invaluable during the process. It was a refreshing approach after the big tuition providers and I am glad that you capitalised on the market gap. Also, incredible CR summary notes. After a bit of tabbing, the book becomes lethal in scoring exam marks!

Anton K
cr and sbm on-demand course student