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Financial Management. What to do to pass.

Okay, so there are a lot of tricky calculations to learn for FM. This cannot be denied.

However, don't neglect the narrative marks! In every FM paper, around 30% of the marks are available for extremely standard, formulaic narrative responses which are often word-for-word identical in the model answers. A great source of easy marks every time!

And when it comes to the calculations side, yes, the content is quite tricky, but the examiners definitely tend to test things in the same way very time (perhaps they don't want to catch themselves out!). This means that the FM calculations are a bit like learning to ride a bike: very painful initially, but once things "click", it is the same every time!

To help you exploit the very formulaic nature of FM, our Rapid Revision Notes book has been created by working backwards from the recent past papers to identify the core areas that are tested every time. This helps reduce overwhelm because you will focus 100% of your efforts on content that is actually tested, rather than wasting time on irrelevant areas in the Workbook.

We draw on this content and knowledge in our FM Masterclass on-demand video course, which focuses on a tutor-narrated reviews of past paper questions and answers so that you can learn the patterns. The course is provided with a full Pass Guarantee.

As with all the Professional Level ACA papers, it is vital that you use resources that force you to engage actively with the content: simply reading and note-taking is very unlikely to get the content into your brain!

So for FM, we offer our Rapid Revision Question Bank book which offers over a thousand short-form questions to help you learn both the narrative and number content through a self-test format. Actively testing your knowledge through questions is always the best way to deal with the volume of narrative content in this kind of paper.

We can also offer our Technique Improvement Service to review your Mock practice attempts to unlock further valuable marks through improvements in writing style, interpretation of the question and other factors.

Scroll down the page to learn more about our FM offering.

Purchase FM Rapid Revision Question Bank 2024Purchase FM Masterclass 2024 on-demand course
rapid revision question bank

100% active learning.

Our Rapid Revision Question Banks provide hundreds of short-form questions to help you learn in a 100% active way, maximising the use of your scarce study time.

Some stats on our FM Rapid Revision Question Bank.


Contains over 700 short-form questions to promote active learning.


The 2024 edition of our RRQB is the twelfth edition of the book so you will benefit from a wide range of question types which we have developed over the years.

FM Masterclass on-demand course

Zoning out-free zone.

To keep you engaged with our narrated tutor debriefs of FM past paper questions and model answers, our FM Masterclass on-demand course includes interactive questions mixed into the videos. This ensures that you fully absorb the key learning points from each segment of the course.

Like all our Professional Level on-demand courses, as we are so confident that our technique works, our FM Masterclass on-demand course is provided with a full money-back Pass Guarantee. So provided that you purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and that you complete all content at least once (ideally more!), we will provide a full refund of your course fee if you do not pass your exam in 2024!

Some stats on our FM Masterclass on-demand course.

>20 hours

Our FM Masterclass on-demand course includes over 20 hours of video content, all carefully organised to focus on one element of the syllabus at a time, reducing overwhelm and helping you focus your studies.


Students who used the 2023 edition of our FM Masterclass on-demand course had a 100% pass rate! So we have no problem offering a full money-back Pass Guarantee on our FM Masterclass on-demand course


What our students say.

I think the course is great, there were SO many sections that were made significantly clearer than when I first went through them with my college. I will be more than happy to whack a positive review wherever needed!

William S
purchaser of fm masterclass on-demand course

I am loving the videos on your platform - they're really helpful!

Suraj S
purchaser of fm masterclass on-demand course

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for creating such a great  Masterclass - the teaching style is so concise, logical and helpful and I feel that I have learnt a lot and acquired a deeper understanding of the topics. I have thoroughly enjoyed it (I am a bit of a geek :)) and I am looking forward to purchasing more of your courses in the future!

Gaya A
purchaser of fm masterclass on-demand course

Thank you so much - your FM Masterclass and TIS feedback helped me go from 47 to 76 in my latest FM retake! I wish I had discovered you guys earlier.

Faridah F
FM TIS student and purchaser of fm masterclass on-demand course

Thank you so much! I received my FM result and after two fails (41% and 48%, with another provider), I finally got over the line with 75%. The  only difference is the help and Masterclasses  that you have provided. I'm literally so glad I found your service and for the first time ever I feel like the end is in sight.

Ben A
FM TIS student and purchaser of fm masterclass on-demand course

Receiving my TIS feedback has given me a real boost. I also don't think I would have got this far at all on the FM revision stage without your on-demand course. Thanks again.

Clair D
FM TIS student and purchaser of fm masterclass on-demand course

The FM RRQB is great. I found that it has really helped me cement the basics and the explanations and tips are clear and easy to understand ... which can't always be said of the ICAEW Workbook!

Lorraine S
purchaser of fm rapid revision question bank

Just wanted to say I passed my FM paper (77). Would just like to say thank you guys for the resources in the course, absolute lifesaver. Will definitely be buying the BPT Masterclass for December's sitting.

William S
purchaser of fm masterclass on-demand course

Really focused and detailed video content on quite tricky areas (looking forward to using the whole course!).

Sasha E
purchaser of fm masterclass on-demand course

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks again for producing such a valuable FM on-demand course - I passed! I look forward to purchasing your BPT on-demand course in due course.

Gaya A
purchaser of fm masterclass on-demand course

I'm hoping your Case Study materials do the trick - they usually do! BPT, FM, SBM & CR! I go to tuition with [XXXXXX] but find the materials you provide to be far superior!

Simon M
purchaser of fm rapid revision question bank

I have found the FM lectures extremely helpful and I will be purchasing the rest of the Masterclass lectures for my ACA qualification when the time comes. I'd like to say a big thanks for what you do, I often find that I get quite  confused in the tuition my firm provides and fall behind a lot in class as we move very quickly, but your lectures make everything so clear and simple at a speed I can follow.

Chloe C
purchaser of fm masterclass on-demand course