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Killer Feature

Learn actively through short questions

We’ll test your knowledge, not your patience.

We believe making mistakes and learning from them is a more effective way to learn than rereading the same content over and over without any form of testing.

It’s therefore important to test yourself to truly gauge how much you know about any one ACA topic.

It’s the reason we’ve created hundreds of short-form questions to enable you to learn in a more interactive way and, over time, reduce the need for extensive notes.

Each short question focuses on one issue at a time, allowing you to fully concentrate on understanding a single topic without being overwhelmed by multiple learning points.

And best of all, each question can be completed in two minutes or less, allowing ample time for repetition which will further help the content burrow its way into your brain.

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Technique Improvement Service


Exam Feedback

Killer Feature

Detailed personalised advice

We make it our job to help you be the best at yours.

Here at Paradigm Shift we believe exam technique is just as important as technical knowledge.

It’s the reason we created our Technique Improvement Service, to help you pinpoint any areas where improvements – whether big or small – can be made that will sharpen your examination technique, boost your time management skills and build your confidence.

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What our
students say

A few kind words from the more than 20,000 satisfied students we have worked with over the years.

Thank you once again for all your help! Hopefully, I will get over the line with this one and then enjoy my first break from exams in a two and a bit years! Couldn't have got this far without you!

Ben A

FAR TIS student

Just wanted to let you know, I passed my FAR exam. Actually, I scored 89 percent :)

Dana J

FAR TIS student

Would just like to say a massive thank you for all your help over the past 3 years! I really don't think I would be sitting here having passed all three of my finals if it wasn't for your help.

Amy T

FAR TIS student

Thanks for the feedback. This was really helpful and I will study it in detail. The feedback is exactly what I was looking for because it shows exactly how I lost my marks, bit by bit. I will definitely recommend TIS to others.

Filip V

FAR TIS student

Thank you so much for this feedback. It is really great to read. Thank you for such a brilliant service so far!

Clair H

FAR TIS student

Many thanks for your best wishes, I really appreciate all your help. I feel very relieved to have found your company - I can't imagine just going in with my experience as a distance learner, I definitely wouldn't have stood a chance!

Clair D

FAR TIS student

Your annotations seem to be very helpful from the initial brief review of the comments, with some things that no-one had mentioned to me before, so I can straight away see an area that I can easily improve on.

Jonathan B

FAR TIS student