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PDF + online content


Alphabetically-organised and condensed notes

Exam day notes should be noteworthy.

The ACA is unique amongst UK accountancy qualifications in that you’re allowed to take your own notes and books into certain ‘open book’ examinations.

Sounds great, right?

While there are certainly many benefits, there are also a few pitfalls you’ll need to avoid too, which is where our Exam Room Notes come in.

They’re specially designed to provide quick access to all the content you require, without causing you to lose track of the most important thing in any exam – time!

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On-Demand Course




Learn the past paper patterns

We believe in simply making learning simple.

Our interactive on-demand courses also keep things refreshingly straight-forward and focus solely on what you need to do to pass your exams.

And with our Pass Guarantee, we offer a full refund of the course fee if you are not successful in your examination.

We believe key to effective learning is reviewing technical content in context. It’s the reason we’ve integrated detailed reviews of past papers, Mock exams and Question Bank questions into all our course content.

This will help you quickly understand how the technical content is likely to be examined and ultimately boost your chances of success.

(Pass Guarantee terms: you must purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and complete all course content at least once to qualify for the Pass Guarantee.)

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Learn actively through short questions

We’ll test your knowledge, not your patience.

We believe making mistakes and learning from them is a more effective way to learn than rereading the same content over and over without any form of testing.

It’s therefore important to test yourself to truly gauge how much you know about any one ACA topic.

It’s the reason we’ve created hundreds of short-form questions to enable you to learn in a more interactive way and, over time, reduce the need for extensive notes.

Each short question focuses on one issue at a time, allowing you to fully concentrate on understanding a single topic without being overwhelmed by multiple learning points.

And best of all, each question can be completed in two minutes or less, allowing ample time for repetition which will further help the content burrow its way into your brain.

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Technique Improvement Service


Exam Feedback


Detailed personalised feedback

We make it our job to help you be the best at yours.

Here at Paradigm Shift we believe exam technique is just as important as technical knowledge.

It’s the reason we created our Technique Improvement Service, to help you pinpoint any areas where improvements – whether big or small – can be made that will sharpen your examination technique, boost your time management skills and build your confidence.

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What our
students say

A few kind words from the more than 20,000 satisfied students we have worked with over the years.

I have long been using your books throughout my ACA studies, and have found them to be invaluable in helping me pass the exams up to now. Many thanks for producing such great quality revision books.

James H

purchaser of BPT Q&A

I am currently preparing for the 3 Advanced Level papers for the July 2019 sitting and have bought your Exam Room Notes for CR (both books) and SBM. I previously used your BPT Exam Room Notes and similar to that resource, I think they're really great.

Tom S

purchaser of BPT Exam Room Notes

I'm hoping your Case Study materials do the trick - they usually do! BPT, FM, SBM & CR! I go to tuition with [XXXXXX] but find the materials you provide to be far superior!

Simon M

purchaser of BPT Q&A

I am enjoying the BPT course. I especially like the presenter. He is very matter of fact and knows what he is talking about, which gives me some confidence. Thanks for all your help.

Rupen P

BPT on-demand student

Thank you so much!! :) I really like the Cracking Case book so far, it has helped me so much more than my tuition provider! I had no doubt about it as your notes helped me get 83% in BPT in 2019!

Nikita N

purchaser of BPT Exam Room Notes

Thank you so much for writing these Case Study Mocks (particularly during these unprecedented times). I have used your materials for BPT and all my Advanced Level exams and have always found them incredibly helpful!

Alina B

purchaser of BPT Q&A

I bought the BPT Exam Room Notes for the December exams and they were amazing so there is no way that I am going to miss out on your Advanced Level Exam Room Notes!

Katie B

purchaser of BPT Exam Room Notes

Just wanted to say thanks! I managed to pass my BPT resit with your learning materials being a massive part of this. Could not be happier!!!

Terence H

purchaser of BPT Exam Room Notes

I purchased your BPT online Masterclass for the December 2019 sitting. By purchasing your Exam Room Notes as well as the online Masterclass, I passed the exam successfully with 62%. Thank you for helping me overcome this near impossible task. I am now sitting the FM exam and have purchased the Masterclasses for this and have been enjoying them.

Harkaran B

BPT on-demand student

I can't thank you enough for the resources you have provided me to help me pass my BPT exam - the Exam Room Notes and the videos definitely gave me an essential structure in my mind that I needed to work my way round the syllabus and I ended up with a fantastic result (75%)! I would definitely recommend you guys!

Amjad M

BPT on-demand student