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Business Planning: Banking. What to do to pass.

Okay, so you probably made a smart choice in avoiding BPT ... but BPB still ain't easy!

Like the other "Business Planning" papers, in BPB, the examiners are really annoying as they do not tell you how many marks area available for each element of your answer! This makes time management a bit tricky!

However, it is the same in the Advanced Level papers so you had better get used to it!

On the positive side, all of the financial reporting technical content and auditing skills that you will learn in BPB are super-useful in the Corporate Reporting Advanced Level paper. And the general practical advisory skills required for some types of BPB paper should help in the Strategic Business Management Advanced Level paper (there is some overlap between the BPB and SBM examiner teams). On the other hand, if you take BPT, it isn't particularly useful at the Advanced Level, so smart choice Mr or Miss Banker!

Even so, there is a lot of learn for BPB and exam technique is extremely important, given that you do not know how many marks are available for each part of a question.

Don't worry, our expert BPB tutors know what to do to help you pass. We have therefore created our BPB Masterclass on-demand course, which provides technical revision and technique training on all key aspects of the BPB syllabus.

As we know that our methods work, our BPB Masterclass on-demand course is provided with a full Pass Guarantee.

We can also offer our Technique Improvement Service to review your Mock practice attempts to unlock further valuable marks through improvements in writing style, interpretation of the question and other factors.

Scroll down the page to learn more about our BPB offering.

Purchase BPB Masterclass 2024 on-demand course (coming soon)
BPB Masterclass on-demand course

Zoning out-free zone.

To keep you engaged with our technical revision and technique training videos, our BPB Masterclass on-demand course includes interactive questions mixed into the videos. This ensures that you fully absorb the key learning points from each segment of the course.

Like all our Professional Level on-demand courses, as we are so confident that our technique works, our BPB Masterclass on-demand course is provided with a full money-back Pass Guarantee. So provided that you purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and that you complete all content at least once (ideally more!), we will provide a full refund of your course fee if you do not pass your exam in 2024!

Some stats on our BPB Masterclass on-demand course.


Our BPB Masterclass on-demand course includes over 500 interactive questions regularly mixed into the video content. This prevents any "zoning out" while also ensuring that you definitely absorb the key learning points.


Students who used the 2023 edition of our BPB Masterclass on-demand course had a 98% pass rate! So we have no problem offering a full money-back Pass Guarantee on our BPB Masterclass on-demand course


What our students say.

Thank you for everything! My results are out of this world!

Alex R
purchaser of bpb on-demand course

Thanks for the great lectures for BPB - I managed to pass the December sitting and wouldn't have done so without your help. Looking forward to using your resources in the future.

Nikita D
BPB on-demand course student

Good news on the BPB as I got through the exam. I am very chuffed as the September sitting was very hard going with the 6 week summer holidays with my children beforehand and trying to be sociable on the summer weekends! Thank you as  always - cannot believe I am now looking at taking my last professional exam - I wouldn't be this far without your teaching.

Clair D
BPB on-demand course student

Your study materials have been very helpful and are very well structured.

Mohamad N
BPB on-demand course student