What percentage of the FM marks are for easy narrative?
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What percentage of the FM marks are for easy narrative?

April 28, 2021

Short answer: around 30% of a typical paper.

So that's nearly a third of the marks in any given examination for VERY formulaic standard points every time.

FM is probably the most formulaic of all the Professional Level papers and that is particularly true when it comes to the narrative model answers ... sometimes these are word for word identical from sitting to sitting, with just minor changes for the names of the relevant companies or perhaps the odd fact in the question Exhibit content.

So if you can spend some time learning the relevant content, you should be able to build a very comfortable base of marks every time.

Unfortunately, because there are also a lot of fairly fiddly calculations points to learn about, many students focus far too much on the numerical aspects. That is very reasonable but it is not ideal.

Instead, allocate some revision time to looking only at the narrative content. We are very confident that you will quickly see how similar the model answers are every time.

This formulaic aspect of FM is one of the reasons why our Exam-Based Notes approach works so well ... there is a very limited set of content that the examiners test again and again so it was relatively easy for us to work backwards from the past papers to get to grips with the topics that have actually been tested. These are relatively few and the model answers, student errors and examiner comments are therefore very similar each time.

Our FM Exam-Based Notes Books+ publication comes with a full Pass Guarantee (provided that you purchase the e-book at least 3 weeks before exam day) because we are very confident that a focus on the formulaic core of topics that is tested every time will be sufficient to achieve success in this examination. Click here for more info.

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