What are the most important topics in A&A?
Audit and Assurance

What are the most important topics in A&A?

December 13, 2021

The Audit and Assurance examination is obviously very heavily based on narrative responses (although this will change slightly now that candidates are required to use the Data Analytics Software).

It is therefore very important to know which are the most important narrative areas to focus on, given that the Audit and Assurance Workbook is a relatively dry affair.

Looking at the recent Audit and Assurance past papers, there appear to be 3 primary areas to focus on:

1. Audit tests and procedures (approximately 27% of the marks on a typical paper)
2. Possible modifications of the audit report (accounting for approximately 11% of a typical paper)
3. Ethical threats and safeguards (approximately 15% of a typical paper)

Looking at the above 3 areas alone, in a typical paper, over 50% of the marks available will relate to these 3 areas alone, meaning that, in theory, you could almost pass the paper just from knowing these topics (trying this is definitely not recommended!).

Of course, we would always recommend that you study as much of the syllabus as possible, but hopefully knowing that the above 3 areas are absolutely vital will be useful.

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