Tutor Conference Tips 2021
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Tutor Conference Tips 2021

April 26, 2021

Here are a few tips to pass on directly from the BPB examiners at the 2021 ICAEW Tutor Conference:

It is recommended that students attempt A&A and FAR before attempting BPB (and FM can also be useful). This is because some of the knowledge and skills are transferrable into BPB.

There will definitely be no requirement to use the live data analytics package (Inflo) in the 2021 examinations but it may be part of the syllabus for 2022. Best to get your pass done this year then and leave us to enjoy that particular syllabus change next year.

Always explain how you arrived at your answer or conclusion rather than just stating the conclusion - the marks are as much for showing the examiner what you were thinking (hopefully not about him or her) as for arriving at the correct result.

There are no plans to make Brexit or Covid-19 a main priority or focus in the 2021 examinations. Thank goodness for that. So enjoy a couple of hours' break from those topics.

There will normally be 1 or 2 marks available per audit risk: the candidate (that's you) must include elaboration and link data to the risk.

There are no banker topics in BPB. Actually, that wasn't an examiner tip but it's true and we like the joke so there you go. Yes, we can be bankers sometimes.

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