Tutor Conference Tips 2021
Business Strategy and Technology

Tutor Conference Tips 2021

April 28, 2021

The examiners are unhappy with knowledge of price elasticity of demand and so will be demanding more in 2021 - further content has been added to the 2021 BST Workbook as a result so please revise this topic well.

There will be no need for detailed knowledge of statistics or any requirement to perform statistical analysis this year in BST (the story is quite difference for SBM at the Advanced Level) so do not worry about this topic area if you have heard anything nasty in relation to SBM. You shouldn't do because SBM is not too bad - CR is the one you will fail.

In the data analysis question, always present your numbers first then provide your written analysis and commentary. Apparently, this is what the better students do so even if you are not really one of those students, this way you can pretend to be.

In a typical data analysis question, there will only be a maximum of 2 marks for calculating percentage changes.
All information provided in the question Exhibits is relevant as there will be no "filler" content - so really you should be working through the content on a word by word basis and asking yourself why the question content was included.

There was a hint that you may need to link visualised data back to tables of numbers, the scenario and alternative perspective. Data visualisation is currently a trendy area in accountancy and no one is more trendy than a BST examiner so look out for this.

The importance of professional scepticism was mentioned. A lot. Really a lot. A massive amount in fact. Or don't you trust us? Sceptical? That's good.

Final tip - apparently, the Transparency, Effect and Fairness model is usually of limited value in a BST Ethics response. That must be why it is hardly used in any model answers. Oh no, wait, it is in a shedload of them so what gives? Not very transparent.

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