Developing your points in BST
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Developing your points in BST

December 13, 2021

We often work with candidates who are technically strong but who do not seem to pick up quite enough marks to pass the BST examination (after studying with other providers of course!).  

Many of these candidates are clearly able to think in a practical way and pick up the first couple of easy marks available in each element of their answers, but because they don't have a detailed enough knowledge of the relevant narrative, they struggle to secure enough marks to really score well.

It is important to study the BST syllabus enough so that you can go beyond the first couple of easy marks which everyone will be picking up — this does not mean that you need to know the Workbook In a word-for-word, photographic memory style.  

All we mean is that many candidates make the mistake of thinking that since the BST examination relies on practical or common sense thinking, they will be able simply to turn up on the day and generate enough ideas.

It is therefore important that you allocate enough time to learning the various narrative elements of the Workbook. Under time pressure, you will never be able to remember all of the points that you might have revised before the exam, but always try to give yourself a good margin of safety.

For example, if you are able to remember half of the 8 points that you revised on a particular model, that will obviously be better than remembering half of only 2 ideas that you prepared before the exam.  

To help with memorizing the various models and lists in the Workbook, you may wish to use “mnemonics” or memory aids — try to come up with your own easy-to-remember abbreviations of key areas.

For example, you will already be familiar with the mnemonic “PESTEL” as this is a very standard business strategy concept, but there is nothing to stop you inventing your own mnemonics to help you learn other lists of narrative points — as we explained above, this is essential if you are going to be able to develop your points enough.

It will also be important to try to study the Workbook content in an active way by testing yourself as much as possible — simply trying to read and absorb the relatively dense narrative content is unlikely to work. For this reason, we include hundreds of quick-fire, self-test questions in our Business Strategy and Technology Rapid Revision Question Bank e-book resource — please click here to learn more about how our BST Rapid Revision Question Bank and our other resources for BST can help with your ACA exam training.

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