The importance of “batch-based” revision in BPT
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The importance of “batch-based” revision in BPT

April 28, 2021

The BPT Workbook is extremely long and probably the most technically demanding of all Workbooks for the ACA (including at the Advanced Level) because everything in tax is quite hard. So there are unfortunately not really any light pages in the BPT Workbook.

Trying to pass BPT by memorising the Workbook is probably not a good strategy. There is too much to learn and there are too many permutations that the examiners could draw upon.

Fortunately, the BPT examiners are definitely “creatures of habit” who tend to focus on the same tax areas again and again across the past papers.

It is therefore extremely important that you get hold of as many past paper answers as you can and carefully work through the content to create a list of frequently occurring areas. Then make sure you revise the relevant content as much as possible to give yourself a good foundation of marks in these core areas every time. You will definitely see plenty of patterns in the past paper model answers if you can develop some kind of list or index of the answers so that you can quickly look at all the examples on a particular area one after another.

Another option is to shortcut all of this and let the experts do it for you because it is exactly what we have done in our BPT Masterclass on-demand course – we first worked through all the available model answers and categorised these into various areas and then we created notes based only on those answers to give you some very useful guidance on what to learn.

As we are very confident that this method works, our BPT Masterclass on-demand video course is offered with a full Pass Guarantee – click here for further details.

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