SBM – 2022 syllabus updates
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SBM – 2022 syllabus updates

December 13, 2021

As with the 2021 syllabus updates, the SBM examiners have chosen not to make too many changes in 2022.

This is great news both for students (who can therefore make full use of any prior year resources) and tutors (as we only have to make minor adjustments and tweaks to our 2021 materials and on-demand videos).

As you may be aware, the main change in 2021 was to introduce a significant amount of content of standard statistical definitions and techniques such as the mean, the coefficient of variation and the standard deviation. (As the SBM examiners hinted at the 2021 ICAEW Tutor Conference, this topic area was tested extensively in 2021.)

In line with this, the 2022 syllabus updates add a bit more content on statistics and use of the specialised statistical functions in the assessment software, but the updates are not as major as for the 2021 syllabus.

Other than this, there have been some minor additions in relation to topics such as “agile organisations”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “abiotic systems”, valuation techniques, “SONIA” and other issues. Whilst there have been some minor additions in relation to “Big data” topics, these are much less extensive than in previous years.

Overall, there have been no major technical additions for 2022.  

As the Corporate Reporting syllabus has likewise seen hardly any changes in 2022 (arguably the 2022 CR updates are the least significant of any recent year), SBM candidates who have already studied the syllabus in 2021 should not have too much more work to do to get updated for the 2022 examinations – both the practical and strategic aspects (SBM) and underlying financial reporting aspects (CR) have hardly changed this year (please click here to read our blog article on the CR syllabus update).

We have of course created a detailed set of quick-fire questions on the 2022 syllabus updates which are included in all our SBM resources on our online learning platform, just to make sure that you have a fully interactive way of staying fully up-to-date.

For more information on our various Strategic Business Management e-books, PDF publications, on-demand video courses, and live teaching sessions, please click here.

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