New Case Study examiner coming soon
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New Case Study examiner coming soon

May 26, 2021

After 20 years of serving as a senior Case Study examiner, Sam Binks has decided to hang up his abacus and retire from further work on Case Study.

This means that for the November 2021 sitting, the Advance Information and exam paper will be written by a new Case Study examiner.

Whilst there aren’t really any mega differences between the sittings given that both the July and November examiners have to follow a standard framework, there can be subtle differences in approach so in this post we look at some of the implications, particularly for November 2021 candidates.

ICAEW have confirmed that there will be no change in the July 2021 examiner so we would expect the July 2021 Advance Information and exam paper to be in line with previous July past papers and related markschemes. If you are taking the exam in July 2021, you should therefore be able to make use of other July sitting information. We would particularly recommend that you look through the recent July markschemes as understanding the points that are likely to be on the markscheme is really the key to cracking Case Study.

Typically, July sets of Advance Information have tended to be a bit shorter than November sets with much less of an indication of what might be involved in the Requirement 2 financial modelling work. However, July sets of Advance Information have tended to have simpler sets of accounts with fewer revenue streams and fewer accounting policy complications to consider in the analysis.

In the past, November sets of Advance Information have been quite dense with more pages, all of which are usually completely filled up with text (some July sets of Advance Information have had quite a few half pages of content). The accounts analysis in November papers has also been a key time trap for candidates because of the complexity of the material (more revenue streams, more cost categories and usually some kind of annoying accounting policy twist that the company has decided to apply).

However, with the change of examiner for November 2021, perhaps these factors will change. Overall, we do not expect the exam to change radically but it is good to be aware in advance that there is a chance that the November 2021 exam could be slightly different to normal. Perhaps a reason to get the exam out of the way in July 2021?

We will obviously be along for the ride at both sittings this year so check out our Live Online courses, Cracking Casebook, Mock Exam Pack and other resources here.

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