Impact of our CR Exam Room Notes

Impact of our CR Exam Room Notes

April 28, 2021

We were delighted to hear of another prize-winning student at the August 2020 sitting. Max J purchased our Exam Room Notes and won a regional prize with a score of 86%! Here is what Max had to say:

I won the AB Snow Regional Prize for Corporate Reporting at the August 2020 sitting with a score of 86%! Feel I should write in as I used all your Exam Room Notes books for 2020. I found them easy to follow as I used them every day since I bought them. They're logically written and very useful for quick referencing. As I barely have any time to study (my employer does not provide any allocated study time), they saved me a lot of time compared to compiling notes.

Want to join Max, or at least just pass CR? Find out more about our CR Exam Room Notes here.

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