Examiner tips from 2021 Tutor Conference - Part 2
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Examiner tips from 2021 Tutor Conference - Part 2

April 28, 2021

Following on from our Part 1 blog post, here are a few more things that the examiners confirmed at the 2021 Tutor Conference:

The ICAEW Case Study Workbook should be available online (together with your annotations) for your reference in the Bibliu software ... although to be honest, you should have prepared your own planning resources really!
Candidates will be able to use any of their own hardcopy materials in the exam (whether taking the exam at a physical centre or using remote invigilation) ... this is apparently under review for 2022 so maybe get the exam passed this year rather than failing (good tip, huh?) ...

The July examiner (Harvey) remains in place for July 2021 so the July 2021 exam should not have too many surprises hopefully.

Confirmed that when the markscheme refers to the need to use ethical and tactful language (see one of the Boxes relating to the "Overall Assessment Criteria") even 1 use of a comment that lacks tact or suggests something unethical will lose the mark ... so try as hard as possible to be nice, just for once (go on, you can do it for 4 hours in return for qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, right?).

The Requirement 3 calculation may have to be done in a rushed way for many candidates since it is the final Requirement but the examiners noted that it is often fairly generously marked so always have a good go at this even if it is not the best thing you ever do ... final calculation of your ACA but it's okay if it's not great!

For a lot more tips, check out our Cracking Case e-book, Mock Exam Pack, tuition course options and other Case Study resources here.

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