Examiner tips from 2021 Tutor Conference - Part 1
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Examiner tips from 2021 Tutor Conference - Part 1

April 28, 2021

A few useful things announced by the examiners at the February 2021 Tutor Conference:

It was confirmed that Sam Binks has now set his final Case Study paper (November 2020) as a new examiner will take over for the November 2021 sitting ... perhaps a reason to get the exam done and out of the way this July as the July 2021 exam will be set by an existing and known examiner ...

There will be no major changes to the way the exam works for 2021 to allow the new software to "bed in" ... great news because the new software actually works properly with decent Excel-style functionality (unlike old version) so this year you will get an unchanged exam structure but with much better assessment software!

Relatedly, there will be no change in the mark allocation or marks balance so get studying those past paper markschemes as they remain very useful in 2021!

However, the examiners reserved the right to make "minor" changes or tweaks, such as moving the odd Box here and there in a Requirement towards a different skills area to normal (example: November 2020 past paper Requirement 2 had 3 Boxes for Assumptions) ... but there will be no unannounced major changes.
No changes expected in relation to Covid-19 marks on the markscheme so the approach will be similar to the 2020 past papers i.e. a brief mention in each Requirement is probably okay but more than that is probably a waste of your time.

Success in the Executive Summary will continue to rely on the candidate spotting the "Big Picture" or major issues facing the business in the coming year so be prepared to have a few attempts at points of this type as you never quite know what will be on the markscheme ...

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