Easy ways to drop marks in TC
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Easy ways to drop marks in TC

April 28, 2021

We are not sure how much time you spend reading the Examiner Comments on the past papers ... probably you have better things to do. Unfortunately, we don't, so here are some tips to help you avoid dropping easy marks:

1. Confusing individual tax rules with corporate tax rules - always keep these separate so don't say an individual can claim SSE or a company can claim BADR. Likewise, don't try to give Indexation Allowance to an individual taxpayer.

2. Explicitly state if something is exempt - you won't get the mark unless you explicitly state that something is exempt - don't just leave it out of the calculation as the marker won't know why you did this (it might be because you are a TC legend and knew the amount was exempt ... or it may mean you just forgot about it!). It may be tempting to save time by not writing anything to explain that something is exempt ... but you aren't helping yourself because you won't get the mark.

3. If an RPI figure isn't given in the question wording, you are not expected to apply Indexation Allowance - apparently, a lot of candidates waste time suggesting that there is an error in the question paper, meaning that the RPI figure is missing and so the question cannot be completed fully. Nice try! The papers are always carefully checked so won't contain basic errors of this type. So if the RPI figure is not given, that is actually the examiners trying to be nice by hinting that Indexation Allowance is not available!

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