3 Top Tips for CR - Tip 3

3 Top Tips for CR - Tip 3

April 26, 2021

Get good at Ethics. Not only will this make you a decent human being, it will also get you some easy marks every time.

We find that many students disrespect the Ethics element of the CR (and SBM!) exam.

Perhaps students think that because the Ethics element is "only a narrative question", there is no benefit in preparing carefully as they assume they will always be able to cobble together some kind of "common sense" answer.

Whilst we agree that the Ethics element is potentially easier than something like Deferred Tax or a nasty Audit question on some obscure part of the financial statements, there is still something to be gained from preparing properly for the Ethics element.

And since Ethics is in a sense the only part of the syllabus that we can be absolutely certain will be tested, it makes sense to put some time into this guaranteed area. After all, if you know it is going to be tested, you may as well get very good at it!

Our CR Masterclass interactive on-demand course contains tutor talkthroughs of all available past paper and ICAEW Mock FAR questions on "explain the IFRS treatment" as part of the course resources (together with interactive questions mixed into the videos to ensure that you have retained the key takeaways from each example question). As we know that this approach works, the course comes with a full Pass Guarantee. Click here to learn more about our Corporate Reporting resources.

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