3 Top Tips for CR - Tip 1
Corporate Reporting

3 Top Tips for CR - Tip 1

April 28, 2021

Tip 1 - Revise your Professional Level knowledge

We hope you will like this tip because it is something that you can get on with now, at no cost. 

We strongly recommend that you work through some Professional Level papers for the Audit and Assurance and Financial Accounting and Reporting papers. 

When looking again at A&A, stick to looking at the 40-marker risks and procedures style of question (don't bother with the Short Form Questions, for example). This is because the 40-marker provides revision of content relevant to CR (unfortunately, the CR question wording will be harder but you have to start somewhere ... !).

When looking again at FAR, stick to looking at the narrative-heavy "explain the IFRS treatment" type of 30-marker rather than Q1 on preparing the financial statements or the later full consolidation questions (this is not the style used in CR). 

Whilst it is important to learn the new Advanced Level-only FR topics, actually most of the FR marks in CR come from FAR so you must revise this content properly to build a secure foundation of marks. 

Our CR Masterclass interactive on-demand course contains tutor talkthroughs of all available past paper and ICAEW Mock FAR questions on "explain the IFRS treatment" as part of the course resources (together with interactive questions mixed into the videos to ensure that you have retained the key takeaways from each example question). As we know that this approach works, the course comes with a full Pass Guarantee. Click here to learn more about our Corporate Reporting resources.

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