3 Top Tips for Case Study
Case Study

3 Top Tips for Case Study

April 28, 2021

A unique exam requires a unique approach.

The highly restrictive nature of the Case Study examination means that you need to approach the exam in a fundamentally different way to the other ACA papers.

There is no discretion at all for the marker in Case Study: you only get credit for points on the ICAEW markscheme.

Our first tip is therefore to invest some time in learning the patterns in the recent ICAEW past paper markschemes: treat these effectively as your textbook.

The second thing to do is practise your preparation of Appendix 1 within the ICAEW computer-based assessment software as much as possible. Find your personally quickest way of completing this aspect of the examination and you can save very valuable time.

Finally, work on your writing style to ensure you are expressing everything as quickly as possible - if you don't have time to write due to using the wrong style, there is no point knowing what to write! It can help to get a friend or colleague to review or edit your work as often it is really hard to trim out words from your own work since you wouldn't have written the words if you didn't think they contributed something!

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