Our Story and Our Values

Just a short page to explain a bit more about our background and story.

But first, let's go through our all-important Values.

Our 5 Values


Good isn’t good enough, so we’re forever exploring new methods and inventing new techniques to provide you with the right answers at the right time.


We tell you what you need to do to pass your exams - no more, no less. And if we think we can do something better, we’ll be honest with ourselves until we make it happen - no exceptions, no excuses.


Studying for an accountancy qualification shouldn’t be painful. Or dull. Or painfully dull. So our courses and materials inject a real sense of fun whenever possible, whilst always taking the content and your success seriously.


We’re ambitious, focused and relentlessly enthusiastic, embracing change when it’s needed and making tough calls when required. And we do that most difficult of things - we keep things simple.


We really do believe our strength in numbers starts with you. Which is why we always put in the graft and hours to provide the personal support you need to smash your exams. Because by working closely together, we’ll succeed together.

What? Thought you said 5 values?

Don't worry, we can count. At least to 10, anyway. With a bit of revision and use of notes.

No, point 6 is just to say that we really do live our values: they are not just corporate speak to stick on the wall or tick a box, they genuinely are our commitment to each other and to you.



In 2020, we worked with students right across the globe, in 23 countries worldwide.



In a typical year, we work with over 3,000 students across our live courses, on-demand video resources and various learning materials.

Founded in2013

Original branded as "ACA Simplified", we started our company in 2013, achieving full ICAEW Partner in Learning status the same year.

Global prize2014

A year later, we won our first ICAEW global prize. Our student Kieran Doe scored 92% and placed first in the world in Case Study.

Social enterprise2017

Life was really very generous to us for a few years (or maybe we are just bloody good at what we do ...) so after a few years of operations it was high time to give something back. Since 2017, we have allocated a substantial proportion of profits to various social enterprise initiatives.


2020 shifted everything with the pandemic requiring us to change our teaching format, invest in a new online learning platform and basically re-evaluate many aspects of the business (and our lives in general).

To embody this profound change and to fit in with some of the other non-accounting activities of other group companies, we rebranded as Paradigm Shift Financial Training, reflecting the paradigm shift caused by Covid. We also set up a social enterprise initiative to offer subsidised housing to Key Workers, to say thanks for keeping us all safe over the past year.

So we hope you will agree that we are probably not your typical financial training company. That's the way we started and that's the way we will always be.

What our
students say

A few kind words from the more than 20,000 satisfied students we have worked with over the years.

I have long been using your books throughout my ACA studies, and have found them to be invaluable in helping me pass the exams up to now. Many thanks for producing such great quality revision books.

James H

purchaser of A&A Q&A

I took part in your webinar this morning and wanted to give my feedback - it was fantastic! It gave a great overview of how to prepare for CR and helped me decide what other Paradigm Shift Masterclasses I want to attend. I would be very interested in joining an SBM Masterclass if you're putting one on and also a similar Case overview too! Thank you very much for scheduling this event!

Emily L

Corporate Reporting Masterclass Live student

Your tutor was the best tutor that I have encountered in my ACA studies. He presented the information in a very clear, concise and calm manner and focused on what students forget to include in their answers - a very good mix between individual comments for myself and general comments for the group was very helpful. He is by far the best tutor when compared to my bland experience at a previous tuition provider and I went from 43 at my first attempt to a mark of 77.

Alex F

Case Study course student

Your tutor went beyond the extra mile for the Case Study tuition course. From the outset it was clear that he had invested an incredible amount of time into preparing the tuition course and this showed because his understanding of the examination and its markscheme was unrivalled. His expert knowledge of the markscheme helped him instil confidence in myself and the other students: we just knew that if he followed his advice, we would pass. I am grateful for his expertise and support.

David W

Case Study course student

I just want to say a massive thank you!! I failed Case Study last December only scoring 34, even though I took a full course at a top provider, it was only when studying your course that I realised how little they focused on technique and the smaller details to help get the pass. I bought the Cracking Case book, Cracking Case on-demand course, TIS on two papers and the Exam Room Pack... absolutely fabulous. I wish I had come to you guys sooner for some of my earlier papers to avoid all the frustration and fails.

Steph A

Case Study on-demand student

I have long been using your books throughout my ACA studies, and have found them to be invaluable in helping me pass the exams up to now. Many thanks for producing such great quality revision books.

James H

purchaser of BPT Q&A

The FM Q&A is great. I found that it has really helped me cement the basics and the explanations and tips are clear and easy to understand ... which can't always be said of the ICAEW Study Manual!

Lorraine S

purchaser of FM Q&A

I used your Cracking Case book for the most recent Case Study exam and followed your format, instead of that of a "leading tuition provider" as you call them. I obtained the highest mark at my firm (82%). Thank you, I have already recommended you to all my colleagues who will be taking the exam in November.

Philip C

purchaser of Cracking Case

I used your Cracking Case book extensively for the November exam (and ignored most things that my college taught me) and without the book, I honestly don't think I would have passed the exam, so thank you. Without the help of all of the content of the book that you produce, I'm honestly sure I wouldn't be here right now saying I'm a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, so I just wanted to say a massive thank you - I have already spread the word about how good the book is.

Adam L

purchaser of Cracking Case

Hi peeps, Genuinely can't believe this but I somehow got 59% and only ruddy well passed Case!!! 100% couldn't have done it without you, especially with all those fatal technical issues in the exam, but somehow against the odds I HAVE PASSED!!! Thanks a million! I'm happy for you to market any and all of my story for marketing purposes because holy crap you guys deserve it! Still crying!

Nick C

Case Study course student