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What our students say.

Your tutor went beyond the extra mile for the Case Study tuition course. From the outset, it was clear that he had invested an incredible amount of time into preparing the tuition course and this showed because his understanding of the examination and its markscheme was unrivalled.

David W
Case study course student and regional prizewinner (july 2014)

I used your Cracking Case book for the most recent Case Study exam and followed your format, instead of that of a "leading tuition provider" as you call them. I obtained the highest mark at my firm (82%). Thank you, I have already  recommended you to all my colleagues who will be taking the exam in November.

Philip C
purchaser of cracking case e-book

I can only imagine how exhausted you must be after this process and the hours that would have gone into the material, which is many country miles, even worlds apart, from that of any other tuition provider I have ever seen. Thank you also for your words of encouragement. I'm really grateful for all your support.

Matthias S
Case study course student

I used your Cracking Case book extensively for the November exam (and ignored most things that my college taught me) and without the book, I honestly don't think I would have passed the exam, so thank you. Without the help of all of the content of the book that you produce, I'm honestly sure I wouldn't be here right now saying I'm a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, so I just wanted to say a massive thank you - I have already spread the word about how good the book is.

Adam L
purchaser of cracking case e-book

I won the AB Snow Regional Prize for Corporate Reporting at the August 2020 sitting with a score of 86%! Feel I should write in as I used all your Exam Room Notes books for 2020. I found them easy to follow as I used them every day since I bought them. They're logically written and very useful for quick referencing. As I barely have any time to study (my employer does not provide  any allocated study time), they saved me a lot of time compared to compiling notes.

Max J
purchaseR of corporate reporting exam room notes and regional prizewinner (august 2020)

Having tried and failed with one of the Big Two providers I was very worried I would never pass. I was recommended your "Cracking Case" book and Case Study Mock Exam Pack and I am happy to say due to you, I have received a regional prize and cannot thank you enough. I would recommend you to anyone sitting the Case Study exam.

Laura G
purchaseR of cracking case book and case study mock exam pack and regional prizewinner (july 2015)

Thanks for all your help with the Case Study exam, especially [tutor name] who taught me but also to everyone who prepared the materials. I managed to gain 32 marks between my first exam and my retake which is testament of your way  of teaching.

Alex W
case study course student

Hi peeps. Genuinely can’t believe this but I somehow got 59% and only ruddy well passed Case!!! 100% couldn’t have done it without you, especially with all those fatal technical issues in the exam, but somehow against the odds I HAVE PASSED!!! Thanks a million! I’m happy for you to market any and all of my story for marketing purposes because holy crap you guys deserve it! Still crying!

Nick C
case study course student

Thanks again for your help and support with Case for the November 2020 sitting, especially to my tutor. I went from 42 to 70.

Pramit M
case study course student

Just wanted to say thanks so much for your help with the course tuition I found it really useful and scored 76 with 47 on the previous attempt. Would highly recommend your course to any other students.

Brad G
case study course student

Really focused and detailed video content on quite tricky areas (looking forward to using the whole course!)

Sasha E
purchaser of fm on-demand course

I absolutely smashed the Case Study exam – got 74!! I am so relieved and happy I can’t even describe it! I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done to get me over the line. You really go above and beyond to try and help everyone, and the customised approach certainly helps reduce the stress. Your courses feel refreshing and the information is all very practical and relevant – probably the nicest exam preparation I have ever had. Thanks for everything!

Anton K
case study course student

I used your Cracking Case book for the most recent Case Study exam and followed your format, instead of that of a "leading tuition provider" as you call them. I obtained the highest mark at my firm (82%).

Philip C
purchaser of cracking case e-book