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Discover the most commonly asked questions about our business.
When did you start your tuition service?


Are you an ICAEW-approved Partner in Learning?

Yes, we have been an ICAEW Partner in Learning training provider since 2013 (initially under our previous "ACA Simplified" brand name and now under our new "Paradigm Shift Financial Training" branding).

We have taken part in all ICAEW Tutor Conferences since being awarded Partner in Learning status in 2013 as we think it is very important for the tutor team to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Why the change of brand name? I liked "ACA Simplified"!

We liked it too, otherwise we would never have chosen it!

There are a few reasons for the change in name.

Perhaps most importantly, the success of "ACA Simplified" has meant that our team is now in the very fortunate position of being able to own and run other businesses, such as our Key Worker housing project or our business coaching services. These other projects really have nothing to do with "simplifying" anything (nor with the ACA!). So, to create a more unifying brand name, we decided to make a change.

Secondly, we think that things have fundamentally changed following the pandemic, and this has shifted things in the ACA training market (just as in all other markets). For example, many students are now much more open to online teaching than in the past. A huge, once in a lifetime shift of this type is exactly what a "paradigm shift" means.

So we are still here to keep things simple, but we needed a new brand name for various reasons.

The term "Paradigm Shift" is taken from Stephen R. Covey's bestselling book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and it is basically all about changing your perceptions in a fundamental way. We think that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused us all to look at things in a different way and, in another sense, we want to create a big shift in the ACA training market as there are certain things that we know students are really not happy with.

We also know that after students study with us and unlock their full potential, they can come to see themselves in a different light, with increased confidence and positivity ... a kind of internal paradigm shift.

So our second brand name has been very carefully chosen to represent what are trying to do as a business. We are not really fans of brand names that do not represent what the business stands for, so we have retained our focus on creating a brand name which amounts to something of "statement of intent" to students, and to our competitors!

Where are you based?

After the pandemic and with the widespread adoption of online teaching, perhaps this question is not quite as important as it used to be, but we will answer it anyway!

Our team is based near Birmingham, in the Midlands region of the UK.


What our students say.

I'd like to say that after using nearly every tuition provider available over these 15 exams, Paradigm Shift has been the most helpful, professional and pleasant tuition provider to work with. Every tutor I've had contact with shows a genuine care for the student, questions are always answered quickly and, maybe your most unique attribute, you really do try to give your students the upper edge no matter how.

Alex S
corporate reporting on-demand course student

Just want to say a huge thank you for responding so quickly when you are so busy! I have had such an amazingly positive experience using your company and just want to say that you customer service continues to be so great and I really feel cared about as a student, which I was lacking with my previous provider.

Louise C
purchaser of case study mock exam pack

Wow, I wasn’t expecting a response so quickly! My other training provider paid for by work takes weeks to respond, if they respond at all!

Joe K
purchaser of case study mock exam pack

Thank you for responding so quickly and thank you for your advice. I have told all my friends at college to buy your books and they did, they loved them too!

Sophie H
purchaser of CR exam room notes

Thank you for the support with my Advanced Level exams, both in terms of the books I bought but your detailed responses to my questions via email throughout my exam preparation.

Ishaan P
purchaser of sbm exam room notes

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Case Study exam with 74% - a massive  improvement from my score of 32% at the last sitting. The course truly was a "paradigm shift" (not meaning to make a pun, but the name is  incredibly fitting) for my attitude and self-confidence. The learning  materials were easily the best I have ever seen throughout studying the ACA.

James C
Case study one-to-one feedback course student

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly, I didn't expect a response on a Sunday but it was really appreciated given how close the exam is! I guess accountants don't rest on weekends across the industry!

Alina S
purchaser of sbm exam room notes

I won the AB Snow Regional Prize for Corporate Reporting at the August 2020 sitting with a score of 86%! Feel I should write in as I used all your Exam Room Notes books for 2020. I found them easy to follow as I used them every day since I bought them. They're logically written and very useful for quick referencing. As I barely have any time to study (my employer does not provide  any allocated study time), they saved me a lot of time compared to compiling notes.

Max J
purchaseR of corporate reporting exam room notes and regional prize winner

Thanks for the exhaustive and supportive email about the ICAEW server problems in the Case exam yesterday. I have not received anything from ICAEW as yet so I appreciate your support.

Simon H
Case study one-to-one feedback course student