Accounting. What to do to pass.

For many CFAB and ACA students, the Accounting module will be their first examination within their ACA training. This obviously makes sense as a trainee accountant but the wonderful world of double-entry bookkeeping can seem a very mysterious place at first, so arguably the Accounting module is not an ideal paper to start with from a confidence perspective.

Our Accounting on-demand course helps demystify the course content through a practical, no-nonsense approach which is applied to question content at all stages of the process.

The course reviews all key Workbook content through our Turbo Revision Notes and videos before reinforcing the key learning points through quick-fire questions in which you can check your understanding and learn what to revisit.

We then provide detailed tutor Talkthroughs of all long-form questions in the Workbook, covering statement of profit or loss, statement of financial position and cashflow scenarios. This will help you understand how to attack this key aspect of the examination.

Our Talkthroughs of the long-form questions are again accompanied by quick-fire questions to ensure that you have absorbed the key learning points.

We have split the long Accounting Workbook into smaller bite-sized chunks because, overall, we strongly believe that focusing on one part of the syllabus or one style of question at a time is the best way to learn, so this is reflected in all our resources for the course.

The course is provided with a full Pass Guarantee so provided that you purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and complete all video and question content at least once, we will refund your course fee if you are not successful in the examination.

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To keep you engaged with our technical revision and technique training videos, our Accounting on-demand course includes plenty of interactive questions. This ensures that you fully absorb the key learning points from each segment of the course.

Like all our Certificate Level on-demand courses, as we are so confident that our technique works, our Accounting on-demand course is provided with a full money-back Pass Guarantee. So provided that you purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and that you complete all content at least once (ideally more!), we will provide a full refund of your course fee if you do not pass your exam in 2024!

Some stats on our Accounting on-demand course.


Contains over 1,000 quick-fire questions to promote active learning. In case that sounds like a lot, don't worry! Each question can be completed in a few seconds, and will provide you with a much more efficient use of your study time than simply trying to read and memorise facts. So, yes, it's an investment of time, but a good one.


We have recorded Tutor Talkthroughs of all 15 long-form questions contained in the ICAEW Question Bank so that you can gain our expert tutor insight into common types of question. Wherever possible, we include our shortcut workings and explanation of the logic of the calculations as this is always the best way to learn and remember the content.


What our students say.

I am eagerly looking forward to starting your BPB on-demand course. Last year, I bought 3 RRQBs and those were all excellent.

Iqbal M
Purchaser of A&A rapid revision question bank

Would just like to say a massive thank you for all your help over the past 3 years! I really don't think I would be sitting here having passed all three of my finals if it wasn't for your help.

Amy T
A&A TIS student

Many thanks for the returned marked script. Your comments will be extremely helpful in preparing for the A&A exam that will be coming shortly. Great insight into what to focus on and to keep up the revision.

Pramesh M
A&A TIS student

You guys are doing a wonderful job in converting these complex and lengthy Workbooks into straightforward and short Q&As. Thank you!

Syed S
Purchaser of A&A rapid revision question bank

Thank you so much for this feedback. It is really great to read. Thank you for such a brilliant service so far!

Clair H
A&A TIS student