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Cracking Case


e-book plus online resources


Practical, student-focused tips

We believe knowing how to solve a mystery shouldn’t be a mystery itself.

It’s why since 2013 we’ve been publishing our ever-popular Cracking Case e-book, which provides a host of handy tips, clever tricks and tutor insights to help you smash Case Study.

As firm believers that good isn’t good enough, you can also be confident that we’ll never stop finding ways to make Cracking Case more useful, whether that’s including updates about the new ICAEW assessment software or adding more supporting online content.

The 2021 editions will be supported by new functionalities within our online learning platform including our ability to add interactive questions mixed into each chapter of the e-book to ensure that you have definitely absorbed all the key learning points from each section of the book - a vital process, given that there are lots of small matters of exam technique to learn.

FULLY UPDATED NOVEMBER 2021 edition is OUT NOW! Click here to learn more.

Cracking Case On-Demand (CCOD)


Video course


Sitting-specific content

Our Cracking Case On-Demand (CCOD) course provides a blend of general Technique advice and sitting-specific Application content, based on the technique set out in our popular e-book "Cracking Case" (which is included as part of the CCOD course fee: if you have already purchased the "Cracking Case" e-book and would like to upgrade to the full CCOD video course package, please contact us at as we would be happy to refund the e-book fee so you are not left out of pocket).

In this video course, you will learn:

1. how Case Study is marked and what types of point are likely to attract credit

2. how to use our Planning and Reminder Sheets to say focused on mark-scoring points under time pressure

3. how the Case Study markscheme has subtly evolved at recent sittings

4. how to read and interpret your set of Advance Information, including likely exam-day scenarios

The first Technique element of the course contains around 15 hours of general advice on Case Study technique. We will then create the second part of the course (which we call the Application element) based on advice specific to your set of the Advance Information.

Further highlights included in the CCOD course fee of £399 include:

-Requirement 1, Requirement 2, Requirement 3 and Executive Summary tips in which we explain how the marks are obtained and how to write up your answers

-Full access to our Cracking Case e-book (priced at £60 if purchased separately) as a companion to the video content

-Our Markscheme Masterclass sessions in which we review every markscheme Box on the last 6 real ICAEW past papers to help you spot the patterns and stay focused on mark-scoring points

-A detailed 3+ hour review of your set of Advance Information in which an expert tutor will take you through every page of the Advance Information on a line by line basis to help you understand how the information may be used (whilst also identifying information that is almost certainly irrelevant for exam purposes)

Our video content is supported by quick-fire, interactive questions to help you test your understanding and assess which areas need to be revisited - perfect for avoiding the "zoning out" risk of a "pure" video course.

We are pleased to confirm that the latest November 2021 edition of CCOD is OUT NOW! The first general Technique element of the course has been made available and in early October 2021 we will add November 2021-specific content through the Application element of the course. For further information on the course and to make a purchase, please click HERE.

Exam Room Pack


Advance Info Summary


Condensed, alphabetically organised grouping of points

There’s no pretending otherwise, Case Study is a super time pressured exam.

This means it just isn’t practical to sift through 40-50 pages of content in the ICAEW Advance Information to find those all-important ideas and reminders whilst having a million other things to worry about in the exam.

What you really need is a super condensed, well organised set of notes that are easy to reference and won’t eat up any valuable exam time.

You won’t be surprised to learn we’ve got just the thing.

Our Exam Room Pack will draw together the various hints and clues that have been deliberately scattered all over the different pages of the Advance Information so that you can easily access these and not forget any crucial thematic links due to time pressure.

Whilst the Exam Room Pack is designed to be used in the exam itself (hence the name!), many students report that it can be a great way to quickly revise the Advance Information before exam day.

The 2021 editions of our Exam Room Pack will be hosted within our new online learning platform, meaning that we can add additional value through interactive questions and videos to ensure that you have definitely absorbed the key points from the Advance Information.

NOVEMBER 2021 EDITION DUE FOR RELEASE ON 27 OCTOBER 2021 (earlier if possible)

We are pleased to announce that our House Pride Limited (November 2021) Exam Room Pack is now in pre-order mode. Please click here to learn more, view a downloadable sample and place a pre-order.

Full Tuition Course Online


Live Online


No time wasted on past papers

Our Live Online Courses are now very close to capacity so please get in touch soon to avoid disappointment!

Key Features

1. We have consistently achieved a pass rate of over 95% at every sitting for the last 8 years (99.9% looking at Big 4 students only). The ICAEW average is 75%.

2. Our unique course focuses on the live Case Study business so that all your Mock practice focuses on relevant material. We quickly cover what you need to know from the ICAEW past papers in the first session - the rest of the course then focuses exclusively on the live Advance Information.

3. We split the course intake up into groups of 5 students or fewer so that we can review each student’s Mocks live in class to provide highly detailed personalised feedback - vital given the tough marking approach used in Case Study.

4. We ensure that all class time involves active teaching - we will never leave you to sit and do a Mock in class as that is not a good use of anyone’s time!

Intrigued? Click here to read more about how the course works.

Masterclass Live Online


Live Online


Short, impactful sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis

Our Case Study Masterclass Live sessions are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis to provide an affordable option for students who require expert tuition on specific aspects of Case Study exam technique. All sessions are hosted online using Zoom, providing a convenient way to study.

The cost of each session is £35.

Sessions vary in length from 1 hour (Executive Summary Masterclass) to 4 hours (Advance Information Review): please check the relevant session description for full details.

Sign-up is quick and easy – simply click the link relevant to the session that you want to attend (click the link below to visit our further details page), make a secure payment by credit or debit card to reserve your space and you will be automatically sent the unique Zoom weblink to allow you to attend the session.

Click here to visit our Masterclass Live online page.

Mock Exam Pack


Live Mocks


Exposure to realistic exam day scenarios

Accountancy and formulas go hand in hand, so here’s one of our very own.

Relevant practice papers + proven technique advice = a pass.

Sure, it’s not the most complex of formulas but there’s no doubting its effectiveness.

So inside our popular Case Study Mock Exam Pack you’ll find five full papers that will enable you to practice your examination technique and timings whilst at the same time learn about the live Case Study business through realistic scenarios that could well be tested in the real exam.

Much more effective and motivating than practising irrelevant past papers.

We also include plenty of tutor tips on how to construct your answer and anticipate the points that will be rewarded, based on our expert understanding of the patterns in the recent past papers - we have done the hard work analysing the ICAEW past papers so you only need to sit live and relevant Mocks based on the platform of understanding that we have built.

The 2021 editions of our Mock Exam Pack will be hosted within our new online learning platform, meaning that we can add additional value through interactive questions and videos to ensure that you have definitely absorbed the key takeaways from each Mock. Our question papers will be provided as printable PDF files so that you can sit the papers using the ICAEW computer-based assessment software (full instructions will be provided as part of our online resources). We will also provide you with our printable Key Points Summary PDF, a condensed version of the most important points from our model answers so that you can take a quick reference version of the Mock Exam Pack into the exam with you (rather than having hundreds of Answer Pack pages to work through, potentially losing valuable time).

We are pleased to confirm that our November 2021 Mock Exam Pack is now available to pre-order (Mock 1 is due for release on 1 October 2021). Please click here for further details and to place a pre-order.

Technique Improvement Service


Exam Feedback


Detailed personalised feedback

We make it our job to help you be the best at yours.

Here at Paradigm Shift we believe exam technique is just as important as technical knowledge.

It’s the reason we created our Technique Improvement Service, to help you pinpoint any areas where improvements – whether big or small – can be made that will sharpen your examination technique, boost your time management skills and build your confidence.

Detailed, personalised feedback on your work is particularly important for Case Study because of the highly restrictive nature of the marking process - as Case Study markers have no discretion when awarding marks, you must do precisely the right thing when writing up your report.

Working through your work on a line-by-line and word-by-word basis, our tutors will be able to advise on how to ensure that you do definitely pick up the marks.

Click here to learn more.

Video Review Course


Live & Video Course


Personalised feedback in a super-convenient format

As some of our standard Live Online Courses are now getting close to capacity, we are pleased to announce that we have created a new course type to respond to a number of student requests for a flexible study option.

On our Video Review course, students will take part in both of the Day 1 sessions from our Live Online Course, which take place on 2 October (these sessions cover general Case Study technique and the Advance Information). Alternatively, students will be able to view a pre-recorded version of the content covered if they are unable to attend on 2 October.

Then, rather than taking part in our live Small Group Script Review sessions for the remainder of the course, a tutor will record a detailed video review of each student’s attempts at our Mock Exam Pack, providing plenty of advice on how to improve. This provides a very flexible way for students to gain personalised advice without having to commit to attending any further live sessions and will also allow students to revisit our advice as often as they wish.

Students on our Video Review course will then be offered the same suite of study materials available to students on our standard Live Online Course, including our full Mock Exam Pack (5 Mocks based on the live Advance Information), our Exam Room Pack summary of the Advance Information, all other video revision content as well as course-exclusive notes – over £700 of materials if purchased separately! (And our course-exclusive notes cannot be purchased separately - an interesting SBM-style exercise to value these!). You will basically be treated as standard Live Online Course student but without having to attend our small group sessions as our personalised feedback will be provided in a video format. Click here to learn more about our standard Live Online Course.

As our Video Review course provides more flexibility to our tutor team compared to our live courses, we are able to offer the course at a lower fee of £799 including VAT (our full Live Online Course has a fee of£1,380 including VAT).

If you are interested in booking a place on our Video Review course or if you have any further questions, please drop us a line to and we will be in touch with our full course contract.

What our
students say

A few kind words from the more than 20,000 satisfied students we have worked with over the years.

Thank you very much for all your help in my November battle of the Advanced Level exams - I really like the personal approach and attitude towards the exams. I think it's really cool how you are approaching the exams and thinking of enabling students to pass the exams with a higher probability.

Anton K

Case Study course student

Can't wait for the next technique video as I found the first one extremely helpful!

Weyinmi G

Case Study on-demand student

Thank you for running the Case Study course and for your tuition - it's a really good teaching format!

Robert T

Case Study course student

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your help and support over the past year or so - from helping me move on from my BPT fail to pass, to getting me through my final 3 exams. Thanks to your help, I managed to pass Case with a very comfortable 71%, but I couldn't have done it without you. The Cracking Case book was a huge help and offered much more insight than my college provider. You should be really proud of your company, and again I honestly can't thank you enough!

Rebecca N

purchaser of Cracking Case

Just thought I would let you guys know I passed my Case Study exam. 65% so a pretty good score. Thanks for your help and guidance during this awfully strange exam. Wouldn't have done it without you.

Jack O

Case Study course student


Sam H

Case Study course student

The Technique part of the course has been so useful - I can't wait to wait for your Application videos.

Rupen P

Case Study on-demand student

Just wanted to say thank you as it was fifth time lucky for me (first time with you!). I tried [XXXXXX] 3 times and [XXX] once. Although the guy at [XXX] knew his stuff, I couldn't get his approach and it wasn't that clear for me, and clearly didn't work. Your humble and straightforward approach, breaking it down into Boxes, was the key. I can't thank you enough. May God bless you and I will make sure that I direct everyone to your lectures because they really were awesome and you take the time with each person as well. Thanks once again.

Kam K

Case Study course student

I learned so much more from reading your Cracking Case book than I did in 5 days in college with [XXX] and they are still getting us to do a further past paper Mock Exam on our final days in college in October, even after the Advance Information is out! I tried doing my first Mock with them and only just scraped a pass, based on the way they told us to plan/write it up. The second Mock I ignored everything they said and followed your book along with the planning notes structure you provide and got 82%.

Adam L

purchaser of Cracking Case

Very impressed so far with the course. I feel that the commentary on my scripts is really going to help me improve.

Amber H

Case Study course student

I passed Case Study first time! Thank you for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you.

Stacey P

Case Study course student

I passed Case Study with 58, which was much better than my fail of 46 in July! Honestly wouldn't have done this without you, thanks for everything and I have already recommended you to all my colleagues! Special thanks to my tutor - I was so impressed with his level of knowledge and especially of the Advance Information, when it had only been out for a week!

Ben B

Case Study course student

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your Case Study materials/Mock Exam Pack/TIS marking & feedback and personalised help - I passed with 63, compared to the 38 first attempt that I had with [XXXXXX]. Many thanks again!!

Natalie H

purchaser of Mock Exam Pack

I just wanted to let you guys know that I passed Case Study!! There is a chapter in the Cracking Case book that advises students what to do in case they screw up their timing (like a Plan B). I employed Plan B in Requirement 3 because I did screw up my timing, and it saved my life, so thank you so very much. I have used almost all of your resources for SBM, CR and Case Study. I will be more than happy to recommend your services to the students here in Saudi Arabia and on social media.

Muhammad S

Case Study on-demand student

I wasn't really sure if this was the right place to email but anyway I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and resources for the last Case sitting. I had failed twice previously at 43 and 45 (with a different provider) and have just passed with 64!!!

Hannah F

Case Study TIS student

Thank you so much for all the help. So happy I've passed my Case Study exam but must say it was down to the great help from you guys, so thank you all so much.

Alex P

Case Study course student

I found Cracking Case and the Mock Exam Pack very useful in my preparation for my exam!

Hayden M

purchaser of Cracking Case

I haven't stopped banging on to my colleague about how good your Case Study course was!! I have been doing these exams for 6 and a half years, including university, and I have never come across such a good tutor who I felt knew exactly what they were talking about, whilst also adding a sense of humour - really was appreciated!! Thanks again and please do keep up the good work. It's really refreshing to see a business that genuinely cares about the students that it's teaching!

Ben B

Case Study course student