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Cracking Case e-book


e-book plus online resources


Practical, student-focused tips

We believe knowing how to solve a mystery shouldn’t be a mystery itself.

It’s why since 2013 we’ve been publishing our ever-popular Cracking Case e-book, which provides a host of handy tips, clever tricks and tutor insights to help you smash Case Study.

As firm believers that good isn’t good enough, you can also be confident that we’ll never stop finding ways to make Cracking Case more useful, whether that’s including updates about the new ICAEW assessment software or adding more supporting online content.

The 2022 editions will be supported by new functionalities within our online learning platform including our ability to add interactive questions mixed into each chapter of the e-book to ensure that you have definitely absorbed all the key learning points from each section of the book - a vital process, given that there are lots of small matters of exam technique to learn.

FULLY UPDATED JULY 2022 EDITION DUE FOR RELEASE IN APRIL 2022! Click here to learn more.

Exam Room Pack


Advance Info Summary


Condensed, alphabetically organised grouping of points

There’s no pretending otherwise, Case Study is a super time pressured exam.

This means it just isn’t practical to sift through 40-50 pages of content in the ICAEW Advance Information to find those all-important ideas and reminders whilst having a million other things to worry about in the exam.

What you really need is a super condensed, well organised set of notes that are easy to reference and won’t eat up any valuable exam time.

You won’t be surprised to learn we’ve got just the thing.

Our Exam Room Pack will draw together the various hints and clues that have been deliberately scattered all over the different pages of the Advance Information so that you can easily access these and not forget any crucial thematic links due to time pressure.

Whilst the Exam Room Pack is designed to be used in the exam itself (hence the name!), many students report that it can be a great way to quickly revise the Advance Information before exam day.

The 2021 editions of our Exam Room Pack will be hosted within our new online learning platform, meaning that we can add additional value through interactive questions and videos to ensure that you have definitely absorbed the key points from the Advance Information.

NOVEMBER 2021 EDITION DUE FOR RELEASE ON 27 OCTOBER 2021 (earlier if possible)

We are pleased to announce that our House Pride Limited (November 2021) Exam Room Pack is now in pre-order mode. Please click here to learn more, view a downloadable sample and place a pre-order.

Mock Exam Pack


Live Mocks


Exposure to realistic exam day scenarios

Accountancy and formulas go hand in hand, so here’s one of our very own.

Relevant practice papers + proven technique advice = a pass.

Sure, it’s not the most complex of formulas but there’s no doubting its effectiveness.

So inside our popular Case Study Mock Exam Pack you’ll find five full papers that will enable you to practice your examination technique and timings whilst at the same time learn about the live Case Study business through realistic scenarios that could well be tested in the real exam.

Much more effective and motivating than practising irrelevant past papers.

We also include plenty of tutor tips on how to construct your answer and anticipate the points that will be rewarded, based on our expert understanding of the patterns in the recent past papers - we have done the hard work analysing the ICAEW past papers so you only need to sit live and relevant Mocks based on the platform of understanding that we have built.

The 2021 editions of our Mock Exam Pack will be hosted within our new online learning platform, meaning that we can add additional value through interactive questions and videos to ensure that you have definitely absorbed the key takeaways from each Mock. Our question papers will be provided as printable PDF files so that you can sit the papers using the ICAEW computer-based assessment software (full instructions will be provided as part of our online resources). We will also provide you with our printable Key Points Summary PDF, a condensed version of the most important points from our model answers so that you can take a quick reference version of the Mock Exam Pack into the exam with you (rather than having hundreds of Answer Pack pages to work through, potentially losing valuable time).

We are pleased to confirm that our November 2021 Mock Exam Pack is now available to pre-order (Mock 1 is due for release on 1 October 2021). Please click here for further details and to place a pre-order.

One-to-One Feedback Course (Pass Guarantee!)


Live Online


No time wasted on past papers

Our July 2022 One-to-One Feedback Course is now open to applications!

Key Features

1. Full Pass Guarantee (provided that you complete all homework and submit all Mocks on time!)

2. We have consistently achieved a pass rate of over 95% at every sitting for the last 8 years (99.9% looking at Big 4 students only). The ICAEW average is 75%.

3. Our unique course focuses on the live Case Study business so that all your Mock practice focuses on relevant material. We quickly cover what you need to know from the ICAEW past papers in the first session - the rest of the course then focuses exclusively on the live Advance Information.

4. We will review 4 of your homework Mocks (all based on our July 2022 Mock Exam Pack) on a line-by-line basis, writing 2 to 3 pages of advice for each Mock, providing highly detailed personalised feedback - vital given the tough and "fussy" marking approach used in Case Study.

5. We ensure that all class time involves active teaching - we will never leave you to sit and do a Mock in class as that is not a good use of anyone’s time!

Intrigued? Click here to read more about how the course works.

Technique Improvement Service


Exam Feedback


Detailed personalised feedback

We make it our job to help you be the best at yours.

Here at Paradigm Shift we believe exam technique is just as important as technical knowledge.

It’s the reason we created our Technique Improvement Service, to help you pinpoint any areas where improvements – whether big or small – can be made that will sharpen your examination technique, boost your time management skills and build your confidence.

Detailed, personalised feedback on your work is particularly important for Case Study because of the highly restrictive nature of the marking process - as Case Study markers have no discretion when awarding marks, you must do precisely the right thing when writing up your report.

Working through your work on a line-by-line and word-by-word basis, our tutors will be able to advise on how to ensure that you do definitely pick up the marks.

Click here to learn more.

What our
students say

A few kind words from the more than 20,000 satisfied students we have worked with over the years.

Sharing the good news that I've passed my Case Study exam after failing my first attempt in July. I couldn't have done it without your support. Cracking Case and TIS have proven to be a very effective combination and you guys truly are the best! Thanks for everything!

Ishtiaque S

Case Study TIS student

I finally passed the Case Study exam with 60%. Thank you so very much for all your hard work getting me through this exam!

Joanna A

Case Study course student

Thanks so much for the book and the Mock Exam Pack. I got 78% and could not have done it without your business. The book made sense and the Mock Exams got me match fit.

Max C

purchaser of Mock Exam Pack

I passed my Case Study exam with 69% which was a massive jump from 40% in August with another provider so wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and your amazing resources!!!

Pooja P

Case Study course student

I bet your tutor team are probably feeling more of a strain than us students when it comes to the Case Study exam, seeing the huge amount of work that fits into six weeks. It's rather impressive, particularly with the Mock Exam Pack, the on-demand videos and the patience of the tutor, to go through things over and over again. I honestly feel that you leave no stone unturned for Case Study. I find the on-demand videos so useful. I feel it helps to refresh points in my head. Thank you as always.

Clair D

Case Study course student

Thank you! I am now a newly qualified accountant after passing my Case Study exam last Friday with 81% (first time). The Mock Exam Pack and techniques you taught me on the course really helped boost my confidence going into the exam.

Dami O

purchaser of Mock Exam Pack

Can't wait for the next technique video as I found the first one extremely helpful!

Weyinmi G

Case Study on-demand student

I've just found out I've passed case with a 62%. Could you help pass on my thanks to my tutor as without him, I don't think I would have been able to accomplish this?

Marcus S

Case Study course student

Just wanted to say that I think the Mock Exam Pack prepared us so well to expect the twists of Case Study, I thankfully didn't get the dread I usually do opening an exam paper, and I think that's down to the practice with you. Thank you again.

Clair D

Case Study course student

Thank you for the amazing Case Study course I went on. I have finally passed the third time, with 64% and I am so happy!! The course was so well structured and the amount of work you guys put in was incredible, especially with the tailor-made Mock Exams and the Exam Room Pack that I took into the exam. Thanks again for all of the support. I will recommend you to anyone I know.

George B

Case Study course student

Thank you! I am now a newly qualified accountant after passing my Case Study exam last Friday with 81% (first time). The Mock Exam Pack and techniques you taught me on the course really helped boost my confidence going into the exam.

Dami O

Case Study on-demand student

I think you guys are great and teach really well!

Amnah N

Case Study course student

I am pleased to say I passed with 80 marks! I can't be more grateful your team for all the help in the study materials and I couldn't imagine a better way to prepare! I have been a loyal user of your materials (esp the Exam Room Notes) for the Advanced Level examinations and they're SUPER useful (scored 81 for CR, 70 for SBM and CS score abovementioned), so a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to the tutors for the hard work and dedication especially with such a challenging time for the Case Study paper.

Marie T

purchaser of Mock Exam Pack

Thank you so much for all the help. So happy I've passed my Case Study exam but must say it was down to the great help from you guys, so thank you all so much.

Alex P

Case Study course student

I have passed the Case Study exam. I would like to thank your team for helping me. [Tutor name] is a fantastic tutor and I would love to nominate him for an award.

Jakub S

Case Study course student

I smashed the Case Study exam. I was amazed with the great content and resources that you have created and the format and structure of the courses. You made me feel so confident on the day, which was definitely so much less stressful than my first attempt in November 2019, as I knew exactly what I had to do. My final score (73/100) reflects how well prepared I was. Having had the experience of another provider on the same course, I can tell that your innovative way of teaching made all the difference in this strange exam.

Theodora M

Case Study course student

I have got complete faith in the Case Study ERP, so I will purchase it! Thanks a lot, I couldn't have done it without your BPT Notes! I don't have a very good tutor so I was extremely stressed about the Case Study exam, but since the delivery of your Cracking Case book, I am very happy with it and will try practising the technique in the book. Thanks a lot for all your help :)

Nikita N

purchaser of Cracking Case

I wasn't really sure if this was the right place to email but anyway I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and resources for the last Case sitting. I had failed twice previously at 43 and 45 (with a different provider) and have just passed with 64!!!

Hannah F

Case Study TIS student