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Live Focus

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Relevant focus


No wasting time on past papers

Following an initial technique session where we pass on all key learning points from the past papers, all sessions and homework in our course focuses on the live Advance Information to ensure that all your work is relevant to your own exam.

Pass Rate

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Winning technique


99.9% Big 4 pass rate!

Our pass rate for Case Study has exceeded 95% at every sitting since we started to tutor Case Study in 2012. The ICAEW average pass rate is 75% at each sitting.

Small Groups

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Informal and friendly learning experience


Personalised feedback

We split our course intake into groups of 4 or 5 students at a maximum so that when we review your Mock attempts live in class, you will receive specific individual attention on how to improve.

This is absolutely vital for Case Study because of the unique and strict way in which the exam is marked: very small and seemingly innocuous aspects of your examination technique and writing style can have a huge impact on your score.

Without detailed, personalised feedback on your own scripts (meaning more than just a few bland generic high-level comments such as "work on timing"), you will be relying on luck to pass the examination.

Class time is teaching time

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Appropriate use of teaching time


Expert tutor advice

Unlike some tuition providers who allocate extensive amounts of "course" time to sitting Mocks under exam conditions (not really teaching if we are honest ...), we ask you to take your Mocks outside of class time as homework so that every precious second of teaching time is dedicated to helping you pass, reflecting our Caring core value.

Extensive course materials

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Learning materials


Complete suite of effective materials

We treat our live online course students like royalty so as part of the course fee of £1,150 plus VAT you will receive access to a very extensive set of materials (with a price if purchased separately of over £700!) including:

-our full Mock Exam Pack (5 exams)

-our Exam Room Pack summary of the Advance Information

-course notes (over a hundred pages of killer content ONLY available to course students)

-access to our interactive on-demand video course (including exclusive video content ONLY available to course students)

Application Form

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Start of good things


Proven technique

Happy to proceed to book the course? Good.

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If a space is available, we will be in contact very soon with our full course contract for your review.

The course contract confirms the dates, costs and materials provided, as well as a number of other aspects of the course.

What our
students say

A few kind words from the more than 20,000 satisfied students we have worked with over the years.

Your tutor was the best tutor that I have encountered in my ACA studies. He presented the information in a very clear, concise and calm manner and focused on what students forget to include in their answers - a very good mix between individual comments for myself and general comments for the group was very helpful. He is by far the best tutor when compared to my bland experience at a previous tuition provider and I went from 43 at my first attempt to a mark of 77.

Alex F

Case Study course student

Your tutor went beyond the extra mile for the Case Study tuition course. From the outset it was clear that he had invested an incredible amount of time into preparing the tuition course and this showed because his understanding of the examination and its markscheme was unrivalled. His expert knowledge of the markscheme helped him instil confidence in myself and the other students: we just knew that if he followed his advice, we would pass. I am grateful for his expertise and support.

David W

Case Study course student

Hi peeps, Genuinely can't believe this but I somehow got 59% and only ruddy well passed Case!!! 100% couldn't have done it without you, especially with all those fatal technical issues in the exam, but somehow against the odds I HAVE PASSED!!! Thanks a million! I'm happy for you to market any and all of my story for marketing purposes because holy crap you guys deserve it! Still crying!

Nick C

Case Study course student

I absolutely smashed the Case Study exam - got 74!! I am so relieved and happy I can't even describe it! I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done to get me over the line. You really go above and beyond to try and help everyone, and the customised approach certainly helps reduce the stress. Your courses feel refreshing and the information is all very practical and relevant - probably the nicest exam preparation I have ever had. Thanks for everything!

Anton K

Case Study course student

I can only imagine how exhausted you must be after this process and the hours that would have gone into the material, which is many country miles, even worlds apart, from that of any other tuition provider I have ever seen. Thank you also for your words of encouragement. I'm really grateful for all your support.

Matthias S

Case Study course student

Thank you very much for all your help, first with my Case Study preparation and then with my Corporate Reporting preparations. I am very happy, and relieved, to say that I passed my last exam and I cannot be more grateful. Your feedback on my scripts was invaluable, as was your advice to focus on the "big ticket" items and to be careful with questions that can take up a lot of time and give only a few marks in return. Thank you again for everything.

Aditya D

Case Study course student

I have passed the Case Study exam. I would like to thank your team for helping me. [Tutor name] is a fantastic tutor and I would love to nominate him for an award.

Jakub S

Case Study course student

Please convey my utmost gratitude to [tutor name] for helping me pass the Case Study exam. I really cannot thank him enough for the invaluable guidance and teaching.

Zohaib C

Case Study course student

Thank you for all your help! I passed Case Study. Honestly don't know how I would have done it without your help!

Meera G

Case Study course student

Just want to say a massive thank you again for helping us through the exam. I don't think I could have done it without your team's guidance. It's much appreciated and well worth the money!

Jamie R

Case Study course student

Just wanted to say thanks so much for your help with the course tuition I found it really useful and scored 76 with 47 on the previous attempt. Would highly recommend your course to any other students.

Brad G

Case Study course student

I got my results yesterday and I was absolutely over the moon and ecstatic as I wasn't expecting to pass at all!!!! This would not have been possible at all without your help. The course and its structure were very helpful and beneficial. The adjusted Zoom format due to COVID-19 was also very good. I have taken courses with other providers and I don't think they are anywhere near as good as yours. Your pointers, tips & tricks, ERP and other materials are all awesome. Thank you once again.

Rashid R

Case Study course student

I just wanted to pass on the news that I passed my Case Study exam! I thought the classroom course down was really helpful, and some of the time-saving techniques probably made the biggest difference between my previous attempt (49) and this one (65). Thank you for all your help.

Thom Q

Case Study course student

I smashed the Case Study exam. I was amazed with the great content and resources that you have created and the format and structure of the courses. You made me feel so confident on the day, which was definitely so much less stressful than my first attempt in November 2019, as I knew exactly what I had to do. My final score (73/100) reflects how well prepared I was. Having had the experience of another provider on the same course, I can tell that your innovative way of teaching made all the difference in this strange exam.

Theodora M

Case Study course student

Thank you very much for your help over the last couple of months. I genuinely feel like my technique has improved significantly compared to when I first sat this exam in November last year. I will definitely be recommending this course to my employer and to suggest that future Case Study students have your company as an option, as everything you have provided has been so useful and helped my confidence a lot.

Jodi S

Case Study course student