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Friday 10 December 2021, 16.00 UK time - book here

Monday 13 December 2021, 13.00 UK time - book here

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Pass Guarantee

Course Element

Proof that our technique works


De-risk your investment

We are pleased and proud to provide a full Pass Guarantee on our Case Study One-to-One Feedback course.

Provided that you attend all tuition sessions (or watch the equivalent recording), use all our course resources as directed and submit all 4 homework Mocks, we will provide a full refund of your course fee if you do not pass the July 2022 examination.

This completely removes any risk from your investment into our course.

Please note: our Pass Guarantee terms are not imposed to be strict or bossy ... we are aware from recent student feedback that our terms can be very motivating for students, forcing them to make full use of our resources in a way which may not happen if the student has no "skin in the game".

Please visit our Application Form page to download our full course contract (including our standard Terms and Conditions).

Live Focus

Course Element

Relevant focus


No wasting time on past papers

Following an initial technique session where we pass on all key learning points from the past papers, all sessions and homework in our course focuses on the live Advance Information to ensure that all your work is relevant to your own exam.

We have worked with thousands of Case Study students who found the emphasis of other tuition providers on the completion of past papers to be a waste of everyone's time. And we agree!

We strongly believe that it is more engaging and efficient to focus on the live set of Advance Information which will form the basis of your own examination.

That's why we write 5 full ICAEW-standard Mocks on the live set of Advance Information - we will provide detailed, personalised, one-to-one written feedback on 4 of the Mocks from our full Mock Exam Pack ensuring that you can "kill 2 birds with 1 stone" by improving your examination technique whilst absorbing relevant content on the live Advance Information.

Pass Rate of 95%+

Course Element

Winning technique


99.9% Big 4 pass rate!

Our pass rate for Case Study has exceeded 95% at every sitting since we started to tutor Case Study in 2012.

Over the same period, the pass rate for our Big 4 students has been 99.9%.

The ICAEW average pass rate is 75% at each sitting.

It is for this reason that we have no concerns about offering a full Pass Guarantee on our course ... provided that you attend all live sessions (or watch the recorded version of each session), use all our course resources and complete all 4 Mocks and submit these for our review, we will provide a full refund of your course fee if you are not successful at the July 2022 sitting.

Personalised Feedback Process

Course Element

Personalised feedback


Line-by-line expert review

You will be provided with our complete set of 5 Mocks from our July 2022 Mock Exam Pack as part of your course fee.

You will submit 4 of these Mocks for our review by certain specified deadlines.

For each Mock, we will undertake a detailed, line-by-line review to identify how to improve.

We will then write a 2 to 3 page feedback report for each student for each Mock, providing you with detailed and specific one-to-one guidance on how to improve.

Although Case Study is not the most technical examination, the marking approach used by ICAEW is very strict and somewhat "fussy" so small differences in how you write your report can have a big impact on your score.

Only through detailed personalised feedback can you understand how to improve so this is why we insist on looking at 4 of your Mock attempts as part of the course.

It is therefore a requirement of our Pass Guarantee that you submit all 4 Mocks ... a lot of work but the best way of giving yourself the maximum chance of success!

Our homework schedule (and all other dates and deadlines) is explained in full in our course contract, which is available to download from our Application Form page.

Course Dates and Course Fee

Course Element

Timings and costs


Flexible course structure

We know that our students are busy professionals so we have tried to create as flexible a course structure as possible.

All sessions are hosted on Zoom and will be recorded and made available via our online learning platform - a great reference resource and/or a way to catch up on any sessions missed.

The first 2 sessions of the course take place on Saturday 4 June 2022 and Saturday 18 June 2022. In these sessions, we will explain the Case Study markscheme, key patterns in the recent past papers and how to plan your answers. We will then review the Advance Information and help you complete the planning phase of Mock 1.

The remaining sessions of the course are available on various different dates/times to provide flexibility (or attend all 3 versions of each session if you are really keen!):

Session 3 is available on Monday 20 June, Saturday 25 June or Sunday 26 June

Session 4 is available on Monday 27 June, Saturday 2 July or Sunday 3 July

Session 5 is available on Monday 4 July, Saturday 9 July or Sunday 10 July

Session 6 is available on Monday 11 July, Saturday 16 July or Sunday 17 July

The cost of the course is £1,100 plus VAT. No VAT is due if you are based outside the UK and outside the European Union.

And no fee is due if you are not successful in the examination (provided that you complete all homework tasks as specified in our course contract).

Full details can be found in our course contract. Please visit the Application Form page to download our full PDF contract.

Extensive course materials

Course Element

Learning materials


Complete suite of effective materials

We treat our live online course students like royalty so as part of the course fee of £1,100 plus VAT you will receive access to a very extensive set of materials (with a price if purchased separately of over £700!) including:

-our full Mock Exam Pack (5 exams - we will review 4 of these as part of our one-to-one feedback process)

-our Exam Room Pack summary of the Advance Information

-course notes (over a hundred pages of killer content ONLY available to course students)

-access to our interactive on-demand video course (including exclusive video content ONLY available to course students)

Provided that you make full use of these materials and provided that you submit all 4 homework Mocks for our review, we are pleased to offer a full Pass Guarantee on the course!

Class time is teaching time

Course Element

Appropriate use of teaching time


Expert tutor advice

Unlike some tuition providers who allocate extensive amounts of "course" time to sitting Mocks under exam conditions (not really teaching if we are honest ...), we ask you to take your Mocks outside of class time as homework so that every precious second of teaching time is dedicated to helping you pass.

As part of the course, you will complete and submit 4 Mocks based on the July 2022 Case Study business.

Our experienced team will then review every page of each attempt, providing 2 to 3 pages of personalised technique feedback on each Mock.

This level of detailed, personalised and one-to-one feedback is extremely important in a technique-focused examination such as Case Study where small differences in writing style and interpretation of the question can have a huge impact on your score.

Contract and Terms and Conditions

Course Element

Full details of course


Essential reading!

Our full course contract explains in detail what is included in the course fee, the terms of our Pass Guarantee, the on-demand video content available on our online learning platform and all other key aspects of the course (including the homework schedule!).

To download our full course contract, please visit our Application Form page and click on the Download Contract link.

We require all students to download and read the course contract in full before signing up to our course.

If you have any questions after reading the course contract, please email us at as we are happy to assist with any queries!

Application Form and Payment

Course Element

Start of good things


Proven technique

Happy to proceed to book the course and take advantage of our full Pass Guarantee?


Simply click here to access our course contract and Application Form and fill out our short online form.

After you have completed the Application Form, you will be able to click through to our secure payments page so that you can make a card payment for the course.

If you would prefer to pay via online banking, no problem - just complete our Application Form as normal and tick the option to pay via online banking and we will be in touch via email with our bank details.

Thanks for your interest in our course and we look forward to working with you soon!

What our
students say

A few kind words from the more than 20,000 satisfied students we have worked with over the years.

Your tutor was the best tutor that I have encountered in my ACA studies. He presented the information in a very clear, concise and calm manner and focused on what students forget to include in their answers - a very good mix between individual comments for myself and general comments for the group was very helpful. He is by far the best tutor when compared to my bland experience at a previous tuition provider and I went from 43 at my first attempt to a mark of 77.

Alex F

Case Study course student

Hi peeps, Genuinely can't believe this but I somehow got 59% and only ruddy well passed Case!!! 100% couldn't have done it without you, especially with all those fatal technical issues in the exam, but somehow against the odds I HAVE PASSED!!! Thanks a million! I'm happy for you to market any and all of my story for marketing purposes because holy crap you guys deserve it! Still crying!

Nick C

Case Study course student

I can only imagine how exhausted you must be after this process and the hours that would have gone into the material, which is many country miles, even worlds apart, from that of any other tuition provider I have ever seen. Thank you also for your words of encouragement. I'm really grateful for all your support.

Matthias S

Case Study course student

Your tutor went beyond the extra mile for the Case Study tuition course. From the outset it was clear that he had invested an incredible amount of time into preparing the tuition course and this showed because his understanding of the examination and its markscheme was unrivalled. His expert knowledge of the markscheme helped him instil confidence in myself and the other students: we just knew that if he followed his advice, we would pass. I am grateful for his expertise and support.

David W

Case Study course student

I absolutely smashed the Case Study exam - got 74!! I am so relieved and happy I can't even describe it! I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done to get me over the line. You really go above and beyond to try and help everyone, and the customised approach certainly helps reduce the stress. Your courses feel refreshing and the information is all very practical and relevant - probably the nicest exam preparation I have ever had. Thanks for everything!

Anton K

Case Study course student


Sam H

Case Study course student

Just wanted to say thanks so much for your help with the course tuition I found it really useful and scored 76 with 47 on the previous attempt. Would highly recommend your course to any other students.

Brad G

Case Study course student

I passed the Case Study exam with 64%!!! I cannot thank you guys enough. The tuition you provided was absolutely the reason for me passing and I will always be grateful for this. Even in these COVID-19 virtual times, you guys still did an amazing job and I will definitely be recommending you. Thanks so, so much again.

Khelani V

Case Study course student

I passed Case Study with a final score of 79. Thanks again for your help - I really do appreciate all the time that went into the various resources as well as the humour added by the tutor.

Gerrard J

Case Study course student

Please convey my utmost gratitude to [tutor name] for helping me pass the Case Study exam. I really cannot thank him enough for the invaluable guidance and teaching.

Zohaib C

Case Study course student

Your Case Study tuition was brilliant. I got 83 and almost doubled my score from my last attempt (with another provider).

Aliabbas V

Case Study course student

I got my results yesterday and I was absolutely over the moon and ecstatic as I wasn't expecting to pass at all!!!! This would not have been possible at all without your help. The course and its structure were very helpful and beneficial. The adjusted Zoom format due to COVID-19 was also very good. I have taken courses with other providers and I don't think they are anywhere near as good as yours. Your pointers, tips & tricks, ERP and other materials are all awesome. Thank you once again.

Rashid R

Case Study course student

You have gone beyond and above to what I was expecting as our contract is over, but you still took the time to reply in detail. I truly appreciate everything discussed.

Muhammad B

Case Study course student

I smashed the Case Study exam. I was amazed with the great content and resources that you have created and the format and structure of the courses. You made me feel so confident on the day, which was definitely so much less stressful than my first attempt in November 2019, as I knew exactly what I had to do. My final score (73/100) reflects how well prepared I was. Having had the experience of another provider on the same course, I can tell that your innovative way of teaching made all the difference in this strange exam.

Theodora M

Case Study course student

Thank you very much for all your help, first with my Case Study preparation and then with my Corporate Reporting preparations. I am very happy, and relieved, to say that I passed my last exam and I cannot be more grateful. Your feedback on my scripts was invaluable, as was your advice to focus on the "big ticket" items and to be careful with questions that can take up a lot of time and give only a few marks in return. Thank you again for everything.

Aditya D

Case Study course student