Exam Room Pack

Condensed and reorganised version of the ICAEW Advance Information

Priced at £90, our Exam Room Pack will contain our trimmed down version of the ICAEW Advance Information for quick reference during the examination (and also as a way to learn the business inside-out more quickly before exam day).

The ICAEW examiners will cleverly scatter the points on different key themes throughout the text of the Advance Information to ensure that students read it properly. Given the length of the Advance Information, sometimes it can be tricky to spot the connections and themes.

But as experienced tutors, we are skilled at identifying what matters and what does not in the Advance Information, particularly in light of our expert knowledge all markschemes since the Case Study marking process was fundamentally changed in 2012. We will therefore be able to produce condensed notes which are organised alphabetically, helping ensure that you do not miss anything vital.

For 2021, as with our other resources, the Exam Room Pack will be moving onto our online learning platform so that we can provide supporting video and question content, as well as instant access to the content so there is no delay to your revision! Don't worry, you will still receive a downloadable PDF version for printing and annotation to take into the exam with you. It is just that we want to make the most of our learning platform to help you further. To download a free sample based on our July 2021 Exam Room Pack, please click the Download Sample button at the top of the page.

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