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SBM Mock Exam Pack. Human-standard answers.

Our SBM Mock Exam Pack provides 2 full Mocks written by us, including ICAEW-standard questions, markschemes, answer files and example student-standard fully written out narrative responses.

Tired of making sense of the unbelievably long model answers in the ICAEW materials? Use our Mock Exam Pack to obtain access to humanly-achievable, realistic model answers which we have carefully created as better guidance of what a good answer looks like.

Our SBM Mock Exam Pack also provides plenty of tutor advice and tips, including a full explanation of how we arrived at our mark allocation: estimating the mark allocation is one of the most important skills in SBM, given that the exam paper unfortunately does not state how many marks are available for each part of the question.

Our SBM Mock Exam Pack has been carefully created to cover several areas which are not tested in the ICAEW resources, helping you hedge your bets in case these areas are tested in the real exam.

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SBM Mock Exam Pack

Practice makes perfect.

Since passing SBM depends on adopting the right examination technique, it is vital that you do plenty of practice before the exam to work on things like time management, writing style, interpretation of the question and, most important of all, estimating the number of marks available for each part of the question.

Our SBM Mock Exam Pack provides you with 2 full ICAEW-standard Mocks to work on all of these areas, combined with a more sensible length of model answer to all questions.

Fully updated for 2024

As always, we have carefully worked through the learning points from the 2023 past papers to ensure that our Mocks and example markschemes are fully up-to-date, ensuring that you are exposed to points that are likely to score. The SBM examiners are always subtly evolving the examination so it is important that we keep on top of this "cat-and-mouse" game!

Tutor technique tips

Our SBM Mock Exam Pack provides a lot more explanation of examination technique than the standard ICAEW materials. The examiners don't necessarily make the best tutors (and we would not really want to be examiners!), so our SBM Mock Exam Pack has the advantage of being written from the ground up as a way to support students.

Supporting question content

Making the most of advances in technology, our SBM Mock Exam Pack is now provided with access to our quick-fire questions on the 2024 syllabus updates so that you can stay completely up-to-date with the new content for this year.


What our students say.

I am emailing to say a big thank you to your team. I used your services over the last 2 years (SBM Exam Room Notes, BPT/BST TIS) and attended a Case Study Masterclass. You guys are really knowledgeable and I've really appreciated your help along the way to getting qualified. Will continue to recommend your services to junior associates coming through the ranks.

Adam V
purchaser of SBM EXAM ROOM NOTES

I just sat all 3 Advanced exams this week. I purchased every resource and Exam Room Notes book you published in 2018 (my workplace pays for tuition with another provider). I wanted to say thank you for the high quality materials that you have put together. I found these extremely useful and hopefully it's resulted in 3 passes. The books were all very reasonably priced too.

Adam G
purchaser of SBM exam room notes

Having you as one of the tuition providers is really useful especially for those who are outside of the UK. I am from Malaysia, and I find the online courses very helpful, and I can go over the recordings more than once to refresh my memory and to get things clarified when I am confused. We do have tuition providers here in Malaysia, but I still prefer you, as this option also saves me travelling time, and I am working full-time, so I can go over the recordings in the evenings and during the weekends, which suit me best.

Shi Min H
SBM on-demand course student

I am grateful to be in a safe and nurturing environment where I can be me. Thank you for bringing back the joy and excitement in learning and rediscovering concepts like EVA. The tutor's explanation of EVA as unnecessary profit was very funny.

Laksmi R
SBM on-demand course student

I got my results for SBM on Friday and passed with 71%. Just wanted to say a big thank you for the work you did with me! It made me go into the exam much more  confident and I think it showed in the results.

Aidan K
SBM on-demand course student