Here for you. Whenever you need.

We understand that, when it comes to ACA training, flexibility is increasingly key.

It's why we have invested into a bespoke online learning platform which allows you to study at any time, in any location with a decent internet connection.

Our interactive on-demand courses cut out all the unnecessary fuss and fluff and simply tell you, brutally and in plain English, what you need to do to pass your exams.

Accessing the content is straightforward and there is no application form to complete: simply make payment using any major debit or credit card (and yes, American Express is accepted!) and get straight into your studies with instant access to all content.

At the Advanced Level, we provide on-demand courses for Corporate Reporting, Strategic Business Management and Case Study.

Due to the unique nature of the Case Study examination (which is entirely based on a sitting-specific set of "Advance Information" issued separately at the July and November sittings), we produce a July- and November-specific edition of our Case Study online course.

For CR and SBM, we produce a single edition of the course each year and then update this after the July sitting so that November candidates have available our thoughts and resources on the July exam. This additional content is provided at no additional charge.

Our CR course will incorporate content on the live set of CR "Advance Information" which is released by ICAEW approximately 7 weeks before each sitting.

All our Advanced Level on-demand courses are provided with a full money-back Pass Guarantee so provided that you purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and that you complete all course content at least once (preferably more!), we will refund your course fee if you do not pass in 2024.

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on-demand courses

Zoning-out free zone.

We get it ... sitting watching a video course is not always the most fun thing to do. Particularly when it relates to accountancy training.

Joking aside, zoning-out is a major problem with the increased move to online learning so we have invested into a learning platform which allows us to regularly insert interactive questions into our video content. This ensures that, every so often, you actually have to do something, keeping you on your toes and making it clear if you have missed anything.

With a 10-second skip back button and the ability to view our videos at up to 2x speed, plus our use of "bookmarks" to split the videos into chapters, you can move around freely and target your weaker areas with laser-guided accuracy.

And with a full money-back Pass Guarantee, there is no need to worry about your investment into the course because if it doesn't work, you won't have to pay.

Some stats on our on-demand courses.


The pass rate for our CR Masterclass 2023 on-demand course. Not bad, particularly given that CR is not exactly easy!


The pass rate for our SBM Masterclass 2023 on-demand course. Also not bad, considering that SBM has some tricky stuff!

on-demand courses

Repeat. Adapt. Pass.

All ACA papers will have some areas you'll find trickier than others.

That's the beauty of our on-demand courses: you can focus your attention on problem areas with military precision as many times as you need to, and always at a pace that works for you (even if that is rattling through at 2x speed just before exam day to fine-tune your knowledge!).

Pass Guarantee

Some tuition providers claim very high pass rates, but then don't follow through to the next logical step by offering a Pass Guarantee. Not us. So, you can try the innovative approach used in our on-demand courses at no risk because you only pay for success!

Target your weaker areas

By splitting the syllabus down into more manageable chunks, you can target your weaker areas by going straight to the content on topics which are causing you problems. We even include "bookmarks" within our videos so that you can laser-target your time even more effectively onto only the points you want to revise.

Added value

We know what many students assume: on-demand teaching does not provide the same value as live teaching. After all, it's "just" a video, isn't it? While we can see the point, we don't fully agree: having the ability to revisit the content as much as you need (rather than getting just a single "shot" at absorbing the content in a live setting), being able to slow down (or speed up!) the videos and having the option to skip straight to the content that is important to you are great features that we wish we had when having to sit through a lot of unproductive live "teaching" in the past!


What our students say.

I received my result for Case Study and it was a pass. I am very happy and feeling grateful to you. Without your big help and support, my ACA journey could have been longer. I will do my best to promote your materials among the growing community of Vietnamese ACA learners.

Duc V
case study on-demand course student

I just wanted to let you guys know that I passed Case Study!! There is a chapter in the Cracking Case book that advises students what to do in case they screw up their timing (like a Plan B). I employed Plan B in Requirement 3 because I did screw up my timing, and it saved my life, so thank you so very much. I have used almost all of your resources for SBM, CR and Case Study. I will be  more than happy to recommend your services to the students here in Saudi  Arabia and on social media.

Muhammad S
case study on-demand course student

I bet your tutor team are probably feeling more of a strain than us students when it comes to the Case Study exam, seeing the huge amount of work that fits into six weeks. It's rather impressive, particularly with the Mock Exam Pack, the on-demand videos and the patience of the tutor, to go through things over and over again. I honestly feel that you leave no stone unturned for Case  Study. I find the on-demand videos so useful. I feel it helps to refresh points in my head. Thank you as always.

Clair D
case study on-demand course student

Received my BPB result today - passed with 67%. Thank you for the support. I hope to use your materials for the Advanced Level exams and Case Study soon.

Ash A
case study on-demand course student

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, having passed my retake Case Study exam in July 2018. I took your online course and I will definitely  recommend TIS to any student. I feel the feedback on a real time Mock Exam was very helpful. I got a good idea of how to hit points in the markscheme and how to write precise short points, in order to stick to the tight time  window for this exam.

Mohammad A
case study on-demand course student

Can't wait for the next technique video as I found the first one extremely helpful!

Weyinmi G
case study on-demand course student

Getting a bit carried away with your study materials - they are absolutely fantastic. The on-demand videos were great and convinced me to purchase the Mock Exam  Pack.

Ben B
case study on-demand course student

Thank you! I am now a newly qualified accountant after passing my Case Study exam last Friday with 81% (first time). The Mock Exam Pack and techniques you taught me on the course really helped boost my confidence going into the exam.

Dami O
case study on-demand course student

Your Cracking Case on-demand material has been so helpful and I am really hoping that this is the deciding factor for me finally passing.

Nicky W
case study on-demand course student

The Technique part of the course has been so useful - I can't wait to wait for your Application videos.

Rupen P
case study on-demand course student

I have passed Case Study exam with a score of 62 using your Cracking Case on-demand video course! The flexibility of the on-demand nature of the course was perfect for me as I had to also juggle work life and other responsibilities. Your well-narrated (and brutally honest) exam technique videos were invaluable to me, allowing me to maximise points in each question and get a good spread of marks throughout the exam within the timeframe and not writing too much on the easier sections that I would have been tempted to.

Faris A
case study on-demand course student

I just want to say a massive thank you!! I failed Case Study last December only scoring 34, even though I took a full course at a top provider, it was only when studying your course that I realised how little they focused on technique and the smaller details to help get the pass. I bought the Cracking Case book, Cracking Case on-demand course, TIS on two papers and the Exam Room Pack... absolutely fabulous. I wish I had come to you guys sooner for some of my earlier papers to avoid all the frustration and fails.

Steph A
case study on-demand course student