Exam Room Notes. Tame the clock.

The ACA is unique amongst UK accountancy qualifications in that you’re allowed to take your own notes and books into certain "open book" examinations.

Sounds great, right? While there are certainly many benefits, there are also a few pitfalls you’ll need to avoid too, which is where our Exam Room Notes come in.

They’re specially designed to provide quick access to all the content you require, without causing you to lose track of the most important thing in any exam – time!

By preparing our sensibly organised, alphabetically-arranged notes, we can also save you the huge amount of time that would be required to create your own notes ... and, as experienced tutors, we can add our own tips and advice to help you further.

Although primarily designed as an exam day resource (hence the name!), many students have commented that they found our Exam Room Notes to be a very useful pre-exam revision resource as well.

At the Advanced Level, we provide Exam Room Notes for the Corporate Reporting and Strategic Business Management papers.

As well as covering the new and tricky Advanced Level-only syllabus content, our Exam Room Notes publications contain notes on key brought-forward Professional Level content (such as FAR content for Corporate Reporting and FM content for Strategic Business Management).

UPDATE (20 May 2022) - We are pleased to confirm that the 2022 editions of our CR and SBM Exam Room Notes PDF editions are available to purchase (in your choice of PDF or hardcopy format)! See the buttons below to order.

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Exam room notes

Organised for super-quick reference.

Whenever we mention the "open book" nature of some ACA papers to our non-accountant friends, we are often told that this makes the exams too easy. Not quite!

Having access to unlimited notes sounds great, but the more notes you have, the more searching you'll be doing, so if you do not have the right resource, there is definitely a risk of "losing more than you gain" from your open book notes.

With this in mind, all our Exam Room Notes books have been carefully designed for quick alphabetical reference to provide all the answers you need in double-quick speed.

We have also largely relied on the available ICAEW past paper and Mock model answers, rather than trying to summarise everything in the Workbook, when creating our Exam Room Notes. This ensures that we focus on the most examinable content, again saving you precious time.

Some stats on our Exam Room Notes.


We review the 30 most recent ICAEW past paper model answer files as part of the process of writing each set of Exam Room Notes, ensuring that any content which has been recently examined definitely features in our notes, ensuring relevance of our content.


We have split the CR and SBM syllabus content into just over 100 different topic areas each, all organised alphabetically. This allows you to go straight to the specific information that you need with laser-guided precision, rather than losing time hunting for info.

Discover the most commonly asked questions about our CR and SBM Exam Room Notes.
In what publication format will you be providing the CR and SBM Exam Room Notes books?

In response to student feedback, we are pleased to confirm that in 2022 we will be offering students a choice of hardcopy (via Amazon) or PDF publication.

We know that some students prefer a hardcopy so that they don't need to incur printing costs whereas other students prefer a PDF so that they can access the content easily and not suffer any delivery delays or disruptions (particularly if they are based outside the UK).

So we will be offering a choice of formats this year.

Please note that if you opt for the hardcopy edition (via Amazon), this does not entitle you to receive a PDF. Likewise, if you purchase the PDF, this does not entitle you to a hardcopy.

Therefore, we are asking students to make a choice between the 2 options as, for various reasons, we cannot provide both publication formats at the same time on individual purchases.

We hope this is clear and thanks for your understanding.

If I purchase the PDF edition, can I print the PDF?

Yes, you can and you must because ICAEW does not allow use of any electronic materials other than ICAEW content (via Bibliu). You will therefore need to print a hardcopy if you wish to use the content during the examination.

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase the hardcopy edition of the books, which will be available via Amazon.

When will I receive access to the PDF?

You will receive instant access straight after payment: the content can be downloaded directly from our system so there is no need to wait for an email from us or to wait for anything really! This means you can get straight into your studies and there is no risk of any delay due to Junk Mail folders or similar issues.

Can I download and store the PDF on my device or do I have to be connected to the internet or a specific website to view it?

The PDF is downloaded to your device in the same way as for a standard PDF. You therefore do not need to be connected to the internet or logged into our website to access the content. The file is a standalone PDF that you can simply view in your choice of PDF viewer.

I don't have a printer at home. What can I do?

Many employers allow their employees to print study-related materials free of charge so you may wish to explore this option. Our PDF can be transferred onto a USB stick or emailed to another email address in the usual way.

Other students have in the past sent the PDF to a family member for printing.

You are also welcome to use an online or local printing shop to print the document, provided that they only print a single copy for your own personal use.

We understand that many students do not have a printer at home so we are happy to allow transfer of the PDF on the above basis, on condition that you ask whoever is doing the printing to delete the file after use.

To be clear: you are not permitted to print the PDF for other students. You are purchasing an individual licence to use the materials for your sole and exclusive use, so printing the document for another user would be a breach of UK copyright law in the same way that photocopying a book and handing it to another student would be illegal (and very unfair on the author!). Please do not do this as it makes it harder for us to support students in future and to develop new products and approaches.

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase the hardcopy edition which we will be making available via Amazon.

Exam Room Notes

Time-saving summaries.

Our Exam Room Notes save you time both before and during the examination through sensibly-organised, summarised notes which incorporate our expert tutor guidance on the likely mark allocation, typical student errors to avoid and other tips.

All purchasers of our Exam Room Notes PDF publications have the option to upgrade to our "Enhanced Edition" supporting resources, consisting of videos, interactive questions and additional notes and links to support your learning.

Fully updated for 2022

We have carefully worked through all the syllabus changes for 2022 (as well as the key learning points from model answers to the latest 2021 past papers) to ensure that the latest editions of our Exam Room Notes are fully up-to-date.

Sensible organisation

Rather than relying on the large number of Workbook chapters (yet another cause of "overwhelm" for students), all content in our Exam Room Notes has been organised alphabetically, meaning that you can instantly go to the information that you need.

Fully cross-referenced

To give you the maximum chance of developing your points in the right way, we always provide direct page cross-references to other topic areas within the Exam Room Notes which may be useful to your answer. This allows our Exam Room Notes to serve as a kind of "ideas stimulator" so that you don't forget to include the further follow-on points needed to max your score.


What our students say.

I won the AB Snow Regional Prize for Corporate Reporting at the August 2020 sitting with a score of 86%! Feel I should write in as I used all your Exam Room Notes books for 2020. I found them easy to follow as I used them every day since I bought them. They're logically written and very useful for quick referencing. As I barely have any time to study (my employer does not provide  any allocated study time), they saved me a lot of time compared to compiling  notes.

Max J
purchaser of cr exam room notes

I passed CR and SBM. Wanted to once again say a huge thank you for all the help in preparing me for this battle. I felt prepared going into these exams and the insights that you were providing proved invaluable during the process. It was a refreshing approach after the big tuition providers and I am glad that you capitalised on the market gap. Also, incredible CR summary notes. After a bit of tabbing, the book becomes lethal in scoring exam marks!

Anton K
purchaser of cr exam room notes

I just want to say a massive thank you!! I took both Corporate Reporting and Case Study courses this year. It was my 4th attempt at CR and I passed. I really liked the repetitive nature of the CR RRQB and the organised nature of the Exam Room Notes. I wish I had  come to you guys sooner for some of my earlier papers to avoid all the frustration and fails.

Steph A
purchaser of cr exam room notes

The Exam Room Notes were particularly helpful for determining whether an entity was an associate, outlining a number of indicators in a format which mirrored the information provided in the exam question.

Michael I
purchaser of cr exam room notes

I am currently preparing for the 3 Advanced Level papers and have bought your Exam Room Notes for CR and SBM. I previously used your BPT Exam Room Notes and similar to that resource, I think they're really great.

Tom S
purchaser of cr and sbm exam room notes

The Exam Room Notes were particularly helpful for determining whether an entity was an associate, outlining a number of indicators in a format which mirrored the information provided in the exam question.

Michael I
purchaser of cr exam room notes