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Cracking Case On-Demand. Expert video guidance.

Our Cracking Case On-Demand (CCOD) course is based on the same exam technique as our popular Cracking Case book and Live Online Course.

In other words, a proven technique which has helped thousands of students secure their Case Study pass.

CCOD will therefore provide you with a practical, student-focused approach which secures the marks.

In the first part of CCOD, we provide our General Technique sessions, which review how to tackle Case Study.

We then provide further Application sessions, which are specific to your set of live Advance Information.

Our Application sessions put into practice our technique ideas by applying them to your Case Study business through sessions dedicated to Requirement 1, Requirement 2 & 3 and the Executive Summary.

We also provide a detailed 3- to 4-hour review of the live set of Advance Information.

Purchase July 2023 edition of CCOD - link coming soon
cracking case on-demand

Prepare to pass.

Although Case Study fortunately involves no new technical content for you to learn, the way the exam is marked is quite complicated and "fussy" so it is extremely important that you use an appropriate exam technique.

CCOD therefore explains in detail what types of point to make (and what types of point to avoid) in your answer, given that the marker has no discretion in Case Study.

We further develop your understanding of what to say by looking at the live set of Advance Information in detail, both through our 3- to 4-hour video review and through our sessions specific to Requirement 1, Requirement 2 & 3 (which we deal with in the same sessions as these are similar Requirements) and the Executive Summary.

As with any on-demand course, you can watch CCOD as much as you wish - perfect for nailing down all the small but important exam technique points which, taken together, can make a huge difference to your chances of passing the exam.

Some stats on CCOD.


Our CCOD course contains over 15 hours of video content, split between general technique advice and application to the live Advance Information.


We have now helped over 1,000 students secure their Case Study pass through use of CCOD since first offering a Case Study on-demand course in 2015.

cracking case on-demand

Practice makes perfect.

Since passing Case Study is all about exam technique rather than technical brilliance, it is vital that you understand how Case Study is marked and what points are like to feature on the final ICAEW markscheme.

Because if your idea doesn't match the final ICAEW markscheme, you won't get any credit for your point! Harsh, we know, which is why we have got your back through all the content in CCOD.

Fully updated for latest info

We produce a new edition of CCOD for each Case Study sitting, ensuring that the latest available past paper markscheme has been taken into account. The Case Study examiners are always subtly evolving the examination so it is important that we keep on top of this "cat-and-mouse" game!

Practical approach

As with all our materials, we will "tell it like it is", rather than sticking to any conventional wisdom or standard technique advice. We know what works for students so if this differs from what other providers (or even the ICAEW materials) may say, so be it!

Downloadable PDF content

We know that most students like to have some non-video content such as PDF copies of our handouts and presentations so these are provided as part of the CCOD resources, allowing you to revisit and review our ideas outside of a video setting.


What our students say.

I just want to say a massive thank you!! I failed Case Study last December only  scoring 34, even though I took a full course at a top provider, it was only when studying your course that I realised how little they focused on  technique and the smaller details to help get the pass. I bought the Cracking Case book, Cracking Case on-demand course, TIS on two papers and the Exam Room Pack ... absolutely fabulous. I wish I had come to you guys sooner for some of my earlier papers to avoid all the frustration and fails.

Steph A
purchaser of cracking case on-demand course

I received my result for Case Study and it was a pass. I am very happy and feeling grateful to you. Without your big help and support, my ACA journey could have been longer. I will do my best to promote your materials among the growing community of Vietnamese ACA learners.

Duc V
purchaser of cracking case on-demand course

I have passed Case Study exam with a score of 62 using your Cracking Case on-demand video course! The flexibility of the on-demand nature of the course was perfect for me as I had to also juggle work life and other responsibilities. Your well-narrated (and brutally honest) exam technique videos were invaluable to me, allowing me to maximise points in each question and get a  good spread of marks throughout the exam within the timeframe and not writing too much on the easier sections that I would have been tempted to.

Faris A
purchaser of cracking case on-demand course

I bet your tutor team are probably feeling more of a strain than us students when  it comes to the Case Study exam, seeing the huge amount of work that fits into six weeks. It's rather impressive, particularly with the Mock Exam Pack,  the on-demand videos and the patience of the tutor, to go through things over and over again. I honestly feel that you leave no stone unturned for Case  Study. I find the on-demand videos so useful. I feel it helps to refresh  points in my head. Thank you as always.

Clair D
purchaser of cracking case on-demand course

Getting a bit carried away with your study materials - they are absolutely fantastic. The on-demand videos were great and convinced me to purchase the Mock Exam  Pack.

Ben B
purchaser of cracking case on-demand course

I just wanted to let you guys know that I passed Case Study!! There is a chapter in the Cracking Case book that advises students what to do in case they screw up  their timing (like a Plan B). I employed Plan B in Requirement 3 because I did screw up my timing, and it saved my life, so thank you so very much. I have used almost all of your resources for SBM, CR and Case Study. I will be  more than happy to recommend your services to the students here in Saudi  Arabia and on social media.

Muhammad S
purchaser of cracking case on-demand course

Thank you! I am now a newly qualified accountant after passing my Case Study exam last Friday with 81% (first time). The Mock Exam Pack and techniques you taught me on the course really helped boost my confidence going into the  exam.

Dami O
purchaser of cracking case on-demand course

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, having passed my retake Case  Study exam in July 2018. I took your online course and I will definitely recommend TIS to any student. I feel the feedback on a real time Mock Exam was very helpful. I got a good idea of how to hit points in the markscheme and how to write precise short points, in order to stick to the tight time window for this exam.

Mohammad A
purchaser of cracking case on-demand course

The Technique part of the course has been so useful - I can't wait to wait for your Application videos.

Rupen P
purchaser of cracking case on-demand course