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Corporate Reporting. What to do to pass.

CR is a tricky technical paper and a mixture of relatively predictable pro-forma narrative and numbers work for the financial reporting element, combined with the more skills-based audit element (which can be tricky to prepare for if you do not work in Audit on a day-to-day basis).

And then we have the new Data Analytics Software element to contend with: in some ways, a very positive thing for students because the new approach of providing Advance Information before exam day provides some very big clues as to what Q1 will focus on ... but in other ways, a very dangerous time-trap for the unprepared!

However, at least CR is an open-book exam, so you can at least take some hopefully useful resources (including ours!) into the exam with you.

Our popular CR Exam Room Notes PDF publication provides alphabetically-organised, quick reference notes on all key CR areas, including brought-forward FAR content. Originally intended as a resource aimed at exam day (hence the name!), many students report that our CR Exam Room Notes PDF was actually very useful in the pre-exam phase because they found it easy to locate the content. It seems pretty obvious to us that things are easier if they are alphabetical but unfortunately the ICAEW Workbook is organised primarily by chapter, so it isn't always so easy to use.

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer our CR Exam Room Notes PDF as an instant download so no more waiting around to receive the document (and no more frustrations with Junk Mail folders either!). Once the resource has been released (which will hopefully be in March 2024), just click the link further down the page to make a purchase.

Our CR Masterclass on-demand video course provides general technical revision of all key areas of CR (financial reporting, audit, DAS) combined with "batch-based" revision of all key financial reporting areas. By drilling several questions and answers on one specific financial reporting area at a time, we can help you build your understanding of the patterns in the questions and answers, showing you the most likely ways in which the syllabus will be tested.

Our CR Masterclass on-demand video course is provided with a full Pass Guarantee (which may seem brave of us since this is after all CR, but with a 97% pass rate for the course in 2021 and 98% in 2022, we are not too worried!).

As with all the Advanced Level ACA papers, it is vital that you use resources that force you to engage actively with the content: simply reading and note-taking is very unlikely to get the content into your brain!

So for CR, we offer our Rapid Revision Question Bank book which offers over a thousand short-form questions to help you learn both the narrative and number content through a self-test format. Actively testing your knowledge through questions is always the best way to deal with the volume of narrative content in this kind of paper.

We can also offer our Technique Improvement Service to review your Mock practice attempts to unlock further valuable marks through improvements in writing style, interpretation of the question and other factors.

Scroll down the page to learn more about our CR offering.

Purchase CR Masterclass 2023 on-demand video course
rapid revision question bank

100% active learning.

Our Rapid Revision Question Banks provide hundreds of short-form questions to help you learning in a 100% active way, maximising the use of your scarce study time.

Provides full coverage of the 2023 syllabus changes.

Click here to learn more and to order the book.

Some stats on our CR Rapid Revision Question Bank.


Contains over 1,000 short-form questions to promote active learning.


We provide 6 further videos and downloadable PDF resources as part of our CR online package

CR Masterclass on-demand course

Zoning out-free zone.

To keep you engaged with our technical revision and exam technique lectures, our CR Masterclass on-demand course includes interactive questions mixed into the videos. This ensures that you fully absorb the key learning points from each segment of the course.

Like all our Advanced Level on-demand courses, as we are so confident that our technique works, our CR Masterclass on-demand course is provided with a full money-back Pass Guarantee. So provided that you purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and that you complete all content at least once (ideally more!), we will provide a full refund of your course fee if you do not pass your exam in 2023!

Click here to learn more and to purchase the course.

Some stats on our CR Masterclass on-demand course.

>50 hours

Our CR Masterclass on-demand course includes over 50 hours of video content, all carefully organised to focus on one element of the syllabus at a time, reducing overwhelm and helping you focus your studies.


Students who used the 2022 edition of our CR Masterclass on-demand course had a 98% pass rate! So we have no problem offering a full money-back Pass Guarantee on our CR Masterclass on-demand course


What our students say.

I won the AB Snow Regional Prize for Corporate Reporting at the August 2020 sitting with a score of 86%! Feel I should write in as I used all your Exam Room Notes books for 2020. I found them easy to follow as I used them every day since I bought them. They're logically written and very useful for quick referencing. As I barely have any time to study (my employer does not provide  any allocated study time), they saved me a lot of time compared to compiling  notes.

Max J
purchaser of cr exam room notes

Just wanted you to pass on my thanks to [tutor names] for helping me to pass  Corporate Reporting on my third attempt (my first attempt using your course). Your tutors are truly second to none and I really cannot praise you highly enough  for your course content and structure. Thanks again for your awesome service - I couldn't have passed the Hell that is CR without your tutors!

Lisa B
CR on-demand course student

Just to let you know I passed CR with score of 75 (was 48 with another provider) and Case Study with a score of 65. Thanks for all the help!

Dev V
cr on-demand course student

I have purchased the RRQB and Exam Room Notes for the Corporate Reporting Exam, which are proving very helpful.

Lorraine S
purchaser of CR rapid revision question bank and EXam room notes

I just sat all 3 Advanced exams this week. I purchased every RRQB and Exam Room Notes book you published (my workplace pays for tuition with another provider). I wanted to say thank you for the high quality materials that you  have put together. I found these extremely useful and hopefully it's resulted in 3 passes. The books were all very reasonably priced too.

Adam G
purchaser of cr rapid revision question bank and exam room notes

Thank you! I am now a newly qualified accountant. I used the on-demand videos for CR and SBM which helped me pass first time. They really worked for me as a  visual and kinesthetic learner, so going over many practice questions through the videos was well suited to my learning style. I have been recommending your  course to my associates. Many thanks again!

Dami O
purchaser of CR on-demand course