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Case Study Masterclass Live. Expert advice.

Our short and impactful Masterclass Live sessions provide students with our top tips and tricks for each element of the Case Study examination.

We start each session with a general overview of how to tackle the relevant part of the examination (Requirement 1, Requirement 2/3, Executive Summary).

We then move on to apply our ideas to the live set of Advance Information so that you can understand how to apply our exam technique within the context of the live July 2024 set of Advance Information.

Our Masterclass Live sessions therefore provide an ideal mixture of general technique training and application to the live Case Study business.

We provide our sessions at alternative lunchtime and evening timings for the convenience of students and each session is recorded for later viewing. We can also provide recordings for students who are unable to attend the live session.

Each session is priced at £40 and is hosted via Zoom, using a very quick and straightforward sign up process.

Our Requirement 1 and Executive Summary Masterclass Live sessions are 1 hour in length whilst our combined Requirement 2 and Requirement 3 session is 2 hours in length.

Our Advance Information review session is 4 hours in length to ensure that we have time to go into things in enough detail.

As we are a UK-based business, please note that all times listed on our booking pages are UK times.

Missed a session? Don't worry: we can provide a recording and a downloadable copy of the annotated PDFs created by the tutor. Just use the links below as you will be able to purchase the recorded content via our learning platform.

Sign up to 3.5-hour Advance Information review session (link coming soon)Sign up to R1 Masterclass (link coming soon)Sign up to R2 & R3 Masterclass (link coming soon)Sign up to Executive Summary Masterclass (link coming soon)
Case study masterclass live

Practical advice

All content in our Case Study Masterclass Live sessions is based on the successful exam technique which we have developed in support of our full Online course, which has enjoyed a pass rate of over 95% since we started our Case Study tuition service in 2012.

Our Masterclass Live sessions provide impactful and practical advice on what you really need to do to pass (even if this means ditching certain standard approaches and terminology).

In short, we will tell it like it is, to help you pass. No time-wasting and no official jargon. Just what to do to pass.

Check out the student testimonials below for some recent comments from our Masterclass Live students.


What our students say.

I just wanted to send a massive thank you for helping me with the Case Study exam - I passed with 73%! Thank you so, so much for all your support ... I found the live sessions that you did for the Advance Information and the 3 Requirements really beneficial! I have already been suggesting to my juniors to definitely reach out to you when their Case Study exam time comes!

Nikita N
Case study masterclass live student

I just sat all 3 Advanced exams this week. I purchased every resource and Exam Room Notes book you published in 2018 (my workplace pays for tuition with another provider). I wanted to say thank you for the high quality materials that you have put together. I found these extremely useful and hopefully it's resulted in 3 passes. The books were all very reasonably priced too.

Amy G
Case study masterclass live student

I've attended all the Masterclass Live sessions for Case and they're absolutely incredible.

Jonathan K
Case study masterclass live student

The Masterclass sessions were really good. They provided a concise summary and for a reasonable price. The tutor was very dedicated and patient explaining and talking through the information. This was appreciated and I'm impressed! I will recommend your classes to other ACA students.

Marcella C
Case study masterclass live student

I attended the 3 virtual evening sessions on the November 2020 Case Study (Beal) and I ended up passing the exam with a mark of 69%, which I’m very sure wouldn't have been even close to achievable if it wasn't for your sessions. I thought they were so insightful, and so much more useful than the many, many hours spent with [XXXXXX], as you gave me a much better understanding of the exam technique required. Thank you so much for your help!

Emmy B
Case study masterclass live student

I paid for all 3 webinars (R1, R2&R3 and Executive Summary). The webinars were very good!

Justin B
Case study masterclass live student

Just wanted to say I passed with 60% and couldn't be happier. The Masterclasses and Mock Exam Pack were vital to me passing and I wasn't anywhere near passing before I purchased them. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

Callum F
Case study masterclass live student

I passed Case Study (73) after taking part in your Masterclass session, getting the book and having my scripts marked by you. Huge thanks: what a relief! Your Plan B came in super useful for R3 as the exam was horrendously time-pressured, and I had just 55 minutes for R3. I can't thank you enough.

Jessica S
Case study masterclass live student

I found the Case Study webinar well worth attending. Again, thank you for your help.

Rob W
Case study masterclass live student

The session today was fantastic and very insightful. Thanks!

Amit G
Case study masterclass live student

I  recently attended your Case Study Masterclasses for R1 and R1/R2 and I found them to be really useful. Thank you!

Will E
Case study masterclass live student